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  1. phiGweed

    Any Ideas On Possible Deficiencies?

    Hello again everyone!! I’ve been trying to compare this look to those in my weed bible and have my thoughts on phosphorus due to the “blotchy” look.. possibly even iron because I see dark marks but I also have no idea. What do you guys think? Only 2 out of 5 look like this and have all been...
  2. ptk2k

    Rubbing alcohol OK for cannabis?

    I have 10 ladies in 5 gal buckets outside and they all seem to have thrips. this has been going on for a few weeks. i’ve used a bunch of neem, some captain jacks spinosad and a bunch of essential oils to try and get rid of them. these definitely keep numbers down and i don’t notice nearly as...
  3. coralman

    Mixing neem with nutrients: foliar spray

    hi everyone, is it possible to mix neem oil with organic nutes as a foliar spray, i was going to mix biobizz algamic with cold pressed neem and foliar spray plants with it? thanks in advance:thanks:
  4. cannilingus

    Neem oil and buds

    i sprayed neem oil on buds, (brain fart) two weeks before harvest. not heavy. just a shot. as preventative. but, buds, while not cured, taste funny. and, now, seem to be "clearing up" with more jar time. i know neem is organic. anyway, whats your take? thanks.
  5. dr.h00k

    Neem Oil

    Finally got some neem oil...I can't remember reading about dosage...Mine is cold pressed virgin organic, but no instructions included...could someone give a ratio amount for a one quart spray bottle...and is adding dish soap required/advised?...want to use it some plants in the veggie...
  6. TheFertilizer

    Seedlings: Can they form resin, and when are they old enough for neem?

    I have some seedlings I started in 12/12 and they're concerning me. I checked out the leaves and noticed some parts that look like little trichomes forming but it seems way too early. It's like they're the stalks minus the glandular head, and I don't mean the fuzzy ones that go on the stems...
  7. F

    Neem Overdose - Help

    I did my usual Neem oil foliar spray tonight, with the lights off. (Insecticidal soap w/ bottled water, then mix in the Neem oil, then ph down to get the solution to ph 5ish as instructions say) Already when I mixed I was baffled why it took so much ph down to get the ph down, in the green...
  8. Serpent

    Home Made Bug Killer

    was just poking around 420 Mag and find my self reading some cool stuff have you gives ever heard of Tobacco Juice recipe to kill bugs in the veg stage i would not spray in flowering i got a plant off a buddy he got kick out of the house so i got this sorry looking plant full of thrips so...
  9. DRM Ranch

    Soil drench with neem oil - Part of a nutritious bug control program

    I have some plants in veg that I try to kill as often as I have these crazy ideas to try out something wack-o. Plants are clones of OSH & SSH, in grodan rockwool cubes (Cap'n Style) at various stages of veg. Today I added;1.25ml/gal neem oil, and 2.5ml/gal Coco Wet to my normal nutrient...
  10. Lyzardman

    Problem at week 3 of flower

    Strain - Indica - Nl#5 & Sativa dominant Hybrid - J1 # of Plants - 3 (problem only on the two J1's) Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Early Flower Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - (1) 1000 Watt HPS Nutrients - DaKine 420 Medium - Roots Organic Soil PPM - unknow PH - very ph layers as you go down...
  11. S

    Fungus Gnats, Neem Meal and Beneficial Fungi

    I am growin in LOS and have a pretty huge gnat infestation. Ive let it dry right out a few times and re inoculated with mycorrhizae, put a inch thick layer of sand on top and also top dressed with diatomaceous earth but they just keep coming back. Ive heard a lot of people adding neem meal to...
  12. J

    Can I use neem meal during flowering

    can I use neem meal during flowering as a top soil. will it change the taste of the bud? I got some little bugs and last time I got rid of it with neem meal, during vegetation.
  13. K

    Spraying mites close to harvest?

    I don't have full infestation, but I do have some mites on 30% leaves, two different kinds. (round & clear with random black spots, longer ones that are whitish in color). I am 1-2 weeks from harvest. Trichomes are mostly milky. My questions; 1. Should I spray with neem this close to...
  14. N

    Hello from a Neem grower

    Since Neem is relatively new to most growers, farmers, etc. there are usually lots of questions about using it. I'm fortunate to have been asked to be greenhouse manager at a Neem tree farm here in Florida. I've learned a tremendous amount about growing and using Neem products of all kinds. I...
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