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  1. BTzGrow

    SCRoG - Am I doing this correctly

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to 420Mag here and just about as new to growing. I'm about 7 weeks into my first indoor grow. You can read a bit about my start in my introduction. My question today is about SCRoG netting and if what I did looks about right or do I need any correction on my current...
  2. T

    First timer here

    Hello, I am new on this forums and I see there is a lot of usefull stuff to read. I have 2 plants both autoflower, planted them about 10 days ago. I got some questions about fertilizers and netting, I am also open to your recommendations. So the question about netting is - when should I do it ...
  3. H

    First scrog attempt - Help needed please!

    ok so going into my 2nd grow ever and am gonna attempt to scrog this time around but need some advice and guidance pls! built my own frame using some leftover junk found in the garage and originally set up the netting spacing to be 2"x2" but got stoned and ended up drilling more holes and...
  4. T

    Overhead lattice

    I am looking for a source to buy the 6 inch netting to suspend over the grow to support the colas
  5. M

    Advice on properly drying

    Hello I am a care giver for a patient. I'm trying to complete a room so she has access to everything. We have a hanging dryin rack with netting. I know it shouldnt be in the sunlight. Can I hang a curtain around it in a corner? Or what are the requirements for the perfect dry?