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  1. A

    Will they ever finish?

    I'll first apologize for not keeping an online journal; I've been paranoid to post or even take photos never mind post the pics. I'm sort of over that now, BUT my first question is should I be concerned about meta-data in the pictures? Forgive me for not including this grows' full background...
  2. Jackalope

    Pollen Chuckers!

    Everyone is "Labeling" people these days. I find the label Pollen Chucker's very offensive. Never once have I chucked pollen! I have never even tossed pollen! Recently I painted on pollen with a small paint brush. I did this carefully. Nothing careless like chucking.... Enough with the labels LOL.
  3. T

    TheHillbilly's Lil' Cheese - Microgrow

    Hey, ya'll. I have been growing like crazy but haven't created a grow journal in quite a while. I was bored yesterday and decided to try a microgrow with one of the free seeds that came with my last order. I have never tried a grow in a small space before so this should be interesting. I...
  4. Jackalope

    Laveder x Da Purps - Couch potato for the head

    I have never had a chance to try either of the parents of this strain. Not sure where this incredible high came from. I've tried a lot and have never came across this kind of head high. Headband is one of my all time favorites because of the high. This cross has that same hit you behind the...
  5. P

    Please help me make it stop

    Ive got a plant gettin slowly sicker and sicker on me and i dont know what to do. Im starting to feel like the guy that just throws parts at a broken car trying to fix it. Also, im partially colorblind. So when most people google "lime green leaves with brown edges", im googling "leaf edges...
  6. B

    Cannabutter dosing

    I made some butter using 3/4 lb of butter and 3.5 gr of decarb high grade kief ,used slow cooker and let cook for 8hr. temp never went above 215 degrees. my ? is about how much would be a dose.(like if I put it on toast)
  7. Why Doe

    Kind Soil?

    Who has used this stuff and how did it do? The part they advertise about never having to use nutes entices me.
  8. Jackalope

    Hanging out

    I always knew there was a reason that I never hung up my clothes. This is a closet's true calling.
  9. J

    How to get clean in a week

    I took certo and put eye drops in an at home drug test and failed. I've been smoking blunts and bowls regularly. I've also been taking dabs out of my g pen throughout the day numerous times. How do I get all the thc out of my system in 1 week or 2 weeks tops. I feel everytime I ask for help on...
  10. M

    MrMJ Very First Grow Nirvana Master Kush - Soil

    Hello all 420 MrMaryJane here this will be my very first grow. I have never grown anything in my life. I have been reading around this site for the past about 6months reading a lot of journals and help tips. The knowledge on this site is amazing. I wasn't going to do a journal I suppose in fear...
  11. SpectateSwamp

    There are no better leaders than Mark and Jody Emery

    Thankfully we have Mark and Jody Emery as leaders in the pot movement. When has Normal stepped into the breach or when have Neil Franklin and LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) ever stood up for us? When has NORMAL done anything radical. Never Never and Never. They are here to pacify us...
  12. O

    Problem with leaves

    hi all I'm new on here I'm having a problem with my leaves they are going brown and dry on the outside ive never had this problem before can anyone help
  13. M

    What's up with these seeds?

    Hi all. So, I ordered some auto feminized white widow max seeds. My buddy ordered some too. His look twice as big and almost all my seeds cracked but no tap root grew in a weeks time. The one in the pic didn't do anything. I've always had success with germination and never had seeds do this, and...
  14. A

    What's a simple firecracker recipe for someone who's never had an edible?

    My smoking tolerance is ridiculously high but never had an edible before. My gf's tolerance is really low and she also never had edibles before. My brother told me it's a very powerful body high, is that true? What if I used a sativa, would it still be a body high? I'm entirely new so sorry...
  15. C

    Weird seed growth

    so I purchased ome seeds and the all germed but the on has a double tap root so I planted it any way now I have 2 plants popping up ..I have never seen this before anybody have any info on this they r aroura indica from nirvana fem seed
  16. WillGrow510

    Legal in Cali - Amen! Brand New Closet Grower And Couldn't Be More Stoked!

    So, there used to be a time when I couldn't imagine a day without Mary. But as time went on and careers got bigger, Mary got lost. :( The hassles of drug tests and the threat of loss of jobs was just too great for our relationship to survive. But November 7th, after the election, I ran into...
  17. cbgb

    Pistils, pistils and more pistils

    hey 420 peeps , happy holidays !! i have about 12 grows under my belt and never saw so many pistils !!!! regular seed northern light x nysd cfl grow seed cracked open in about 2 days started october 1st went to 12/12 on 11/7/16 topped once at 5th node i just never saw the buds...
  18. Curly Beaver

    Plant revegged - Kinda - Never branched out - Why? Pic

    This plant was moved outside and evidently couldn't decide if it wanted to veg, flower, or both. It never grew and branched out, just one skinny trunk/stem with weird leaves the entire grow. I let it finish but it never amounted to anything. So, what caused it and if it happens again is there...
  19. W


    Hi guys I actually hate paper towel method. seeds should never be exposed to light until sprouting.