nevilles haze

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    Nevilles Haze at 16 weeks Plant and photo by Musashi at MNS
  2. Pennywise

    Bandaid Haze #7 And Other Goodies

    Evening 420, I’m going to start a new journal where I’ll start with the Bandaid Haze 7 clones I acquired from @katsubluebird. Later I’ll be running the following: Black Lime Bubba Pre 98 Bubba S1 Dracarys: GG4 x P98 Bubba reversed. Chemdog 91 S1 Triangle Kush S1 I’ll be running Coco with...
  3. 2percentmilk

    2percentmilk's 9 Strain Outdoor Garden 2018 - Reveg Potential

    This winter I'll be trying my hand at an indoor grow, I've 2 grows under my belt but only on outdoor plants so this should be interesting and a great learning experience anyway, here's what I'm running so far. Strains: 1x Trainwreck 1x Liberty Haze 1x Ayahuasca Purple 1x The Ultimate 1x Big...
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