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  1. M

    Cherry Pie Auto - A Noob Perspective

    Disclaimer: I found this site after I had started this and have already learned so much. So what you have here is basically what I thought would be a half decent shot at growing. Light: Vivosun VS1000 Strain: Cherry Pie Auto Lighting: 18/6 Substrate: Fox Farms Ocean Forest So… admittedly I...
  2. M

    Saying Hello from Oklahoma

    Found my way here from a Reddit post. Went down the rabbit hole reading a thread. Currently on my second grow. Was pretty successful last year, still flush with flower. Guess I did alright pretty much prefer mine to most dispo. But could be I don't know how to shop the good stuff. I have a...
  3. Ganner

    Is this a cal-mag deficiency or something else?

    hey guys i only just noticed this on 1 or 2 leaves yesterday. I'm in week 4 of flower and i'm growing in coco using canna coco A&B for nutrients but i have only just bought some cal-mag today. I wanna say this is the issue but i can't be 100% sure.
  4. HappyHazmat88

    First time trying and would like an opinion!

    Hey all.. so I'm new to growing and I'm curious how my plants are doing. I've seen some images of plants that are the same age online and they seem to be doing much better than mine, so I'm slightly freaked to think they're stunted or I'm doing something wrong. I'm watering maybe once every...
  5. D

    Twisting leaves

    Hi! This is my 2nd attempt at growing and I am terrified that I am doing something wrong, please help. Leaves are twisting,
  6. D

    Auto flower plants are 27 days old: how am I doing?

    Hi! I am a brand new grower and I am currently working on a project with an ak-107 autoflower and two gg#4 autos (came free with my purchase of ak seeds, not sure if they are actually autoflower or not). I live in an apartment so there is not much space to work with. my grow tent just sitting...
  7. T

    New to autos

    So I'm a regular for the use of cannabis, but find its so expensive. I've thought about setting a auto grow discrete being the most vital. One plant. Would it be worth my time and effort. How much would I get from one plant. The space I have is 1x1 foot and can be upt to 2.75m tall. How should I...
  8. CanadianBacon92

    Hey! New time grower! Need some help & advice

    Ok so I just started growing White widow indoors, my 4/5 seeds germinated and are now sprouting, 3 of them have their first leaves growing in. As for lighting, I have them in the window sill on warm sunny days, usually only get 5-6 hours from the sill, on rainy days I have them under 2 16w LED...
  9. Ricod306

    Why are some growing and some not?

    Hi guys I'm a new grower and don't know much about growing so here is what I currently achieved, regarding all I know is research from google and if anything is wrong or misinterpreted please correct me. I am growing Jack Herer of which I have 4 plants. Two are growing vigorously, but my other...
  10. Kvarrasso28

    Flowering question

    I’m new grower and this is all new ! I was wondering if I’m growing outside so I still have to do 12 hours of dark ? All comments are welcome Here are some pictures 63 days old and around the 4th week of flowering! Thanks everyone
  11. Smalls420

    New here and first grow

    Hey everyone I'm new here I'm 22 I've been smoking cannabis for a little while and figured I'd try my hand at growing. I'll be starting a journal for my first grow even though I've already started the plants. I have added a photo of my best plant so far, I have five pineapple Express plants...
  12. H

    Abandoned New Home Grow, 3 Plants, 12-11-2018

    New grower here, I have been planning a small at home grow tent and I thought it would be a good idea to keep a journal of my first harvest. My grow tent is a 24" x 24" x 55.5" High Rise With a 6 inch inline vent fan 2 Sun Light 125 Watt florescent grow lights I was hoping I could get some...
  13. B

    First Grow Ever! Please Give All The Advice! Aurora Indica, Coco Coir, Indoor, 2018

    First time growing literally anything. Not a single plant of any variety haha. I've read a bunch of forums and guides. Which equates to a knowledge base slightly above zero haha. Really doing this as a hobby because my friends and gf smoke, and I needed a hobby. Sounded fun to do all of the...
  14. AryaNora

    Abandoned Arya's journey into the greens - Fall 2018

    Hello there everyone, I'm Arya 27 from Iran,a total noobie Happy to be here learning from you experts <3 first things first, I'm doing this project to test, see and learn how it goes then spend money on it to get good results. cause right now I know nothing about these seeds, are they feminized...
  15. M

    DB’s Peppermint Kush Grow Journal, Soil, 2018

    Whatsup guys, New myself to this forum, recently registered. Found one of the journals here for Peppermint Kush when bought same seeds for myself and decided to join the community)) What strain is it? ................. Peppermint Kush from Barney’s Farm Is it Indica, Sativa or...
  16. M

    How’s it going people!

    Hello you all I am new to the whole growing and also using MMJ, I use mmj for medicinal purposes but where I currently reside the laws have not been in my favor to approve even for medicinal purposes which would help a lot but that is a dream deferred because I do not see that happening any time...
  17. M

    Greetings from Cape Town

    Greetings all!! I have a bunch of seeds en route to me from the Netherlands, i will be needing some guidance of actually growing them.. Indoor & outdoor autoflowering seeds... A guide would be appreciated.. Also, stoner buddies from Pinelands? I am new here, in the retirement village...
  18. G


    i was wondering if i were to use a grow system, not dissimilar to the Seedolab hydroponic system, would i still need to germinate the seeds?
  19. C


    High friends!! Here to learn as much as possible!! Magic juju, CraftyWitch! :420::Namaste:
  20. T

    First time grower

    Whats up everyone! been a mmj patient for a year now. Decided to start growing my own medicine. Loving it so far and glad to be here. peace and good health to all
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