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new baby need help

  1. C

    Please help diagnose what's wrong - Yellow bits

    Hello – new grower here. I have 5 plants, all very young. 4 are lovely and green and the 5th is showing signs of yellow on the tops of its leaves and the lower leaves are all yellow. At first i thought it was nitrogen deficiency yet now thinking it could be something else. Thanks in advance...
  2. shaggydreams

    Shaggy's Quick Start Newbie Perpetual Grow With MarsHydro LED & Clones!

    :welcome: Greetings groovy 420magazine brothers and sisters! Welcome to my crisis grow! :high-five: Let's catch up together and start from the beginning; :Namaste: 6/30/2016 the proud Washington State closed all of my beloved green cross Marijuana stores. The Beginning and the End of...
  3. S

    New baby

    Yea so one of my two seed popped up. Thing is when is the right time to start to top it and how long should it veg.