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    New member from miami fl

    Just got a year probation for a non related pot infraction lol ! For one year I cant drink or smoke just looking for new friends to talk too around me or where ever !
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    Hi from Chicago

    Wanted to say hi to everyone @ 420 and in Chicago. Just moved into Chicago, so if your local - let me know. Excited about joining the 420Mag community.
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    i came upon somebody's thread to pass a piss test for treatment, some bullshit, right? anyway, & ended up a member.. haha :] i'm new at this shiiiiit, the website, i mean.. obviously ;D :48:
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    Hello from Colorado

    :reading420magazine:I am a 65 year old female. I am a mmj patient and experimenting with growing. Have 1 that is now flowering and 5 clones in veg. I was diagnosted with osteoarithis and Glacoma and find relief in vaporizing. Made my first batch of cannabudder yesterday and am looking for...
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