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  1. D

    Is my plant an autoflower or photoperiod? It's been 36 days

    Hello fellow growers, I planted 3 seeds 36 days ago thinking they were autoflower seeds, but 2 of the plants don't seem to be showing any signs of pisil hairs so I am starting to think they might be photoperiods instead. I started a different strain at the same time and it started showing hairs...
  2. E


    Hello new grower here I have a 12 site autopot system we are on week 3 and I just turned on my system 3 days ago so it has been over 5 days since top feeding I am in a 50/50 coco clay pebble mix with an inch or so clay pebbles at the bottom I’m using gh flora series with diamond nectar bio root...
  3. Km021

    Auto seedling issue please help my lady

    Hey guys Hope you all doing fine Actually i have a issue with my WW auto With slow growth and recently its young leaves are getting burn and kind of bending from middle of it. Could somebody help me to save my lil WW auto? Ph of watering : 6.5 Ph of my soil tested : 6.4 Medium ...
  4. K

    Hayes's Autoflower Throwdown V1

    Hello, I hope everyone is having a great day, this will be my first journal. This will also be my first serious grow. I have grown a few plants here and there from bag seeds but did nothing except for water with the hose. I have purchased a few seeds from Seedsman but have had delivery...
  5. Perturabo

    glad I gave it a go

    hello from bonny scotland, im 5wks into my first grow after reading and geeking out on all the great advice here im glad ive given it a go shes coming along great (candy kush auto under cfls) now i know i can actually grow and care for another living thing im hooked! what a great hobby! its...
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