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new grow room and advise

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    New Grow Setup Help

    I Have a new shop that is 30' deep by 60' long and 12' high. I am thinking of using the under current system. I have a problem with always trying to buy the biggest and best lol. I hate buying things that suck and break. That being said i was trying to figure out how to use the 35 pro for my veg...
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    Help Design Our Indoor Collective Garden

    Setting up an indoor collective garden. We have a lovely space roughly 12 feet square & 8 feet high. Currently using (2) 4 tube, 4' F40 T12's. Law limits us to 45 plants, so really interested in how much space to set aside for a) clone rooting using soil, b) veg c) flower. Guessing clone/veg...
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    Advice Royal Creamatic Closet Grow

    Hi all! We are attempting to grow our first plant, its the Royal Creamatic strain and we have a few seeds but wanted to start with one at a time. Our space is very limited and we were trying to figure out the best space/cost efficient way to grow one. We did a lot of research and still couldn't...
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    I need help to start a grow room in my closet

    Yes i am trying to start a grow room in my closet but i need help my closet is about 91'' in height 18'' deep and 34'' wide. i just want to know what i need to make a good working grow room. Any advise would be helpfull:439:
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