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  1. Mosspb

    Northern Lights - Auto - Budget LED & First Grow

    Hello all, My name is Mosspb and this is my first grow. I read through a few other grow journals of first time growers and was shocked by the amount of support and advice they received. :420: has developed quite a community and I figured why not jump in with both feet. First off, being...
  2. N

    New Member & Grower - Am I Doing This Right? Trying To Maximize Yield

    Looking for advice from Professional / Advanced Growers. Still learning, only been growing a year or so. Yielding 3.5 - 4 oz per plant. Just making sure I'm doing this right or could I be tweaking my program for more yield. Growing 3 plants total at a time - Now growing 2 Honey Badger...
  3. ItsJoshbruuuh

    Hey everyone!

    Hey all, I'm Josh, and I'd just like to say hello as a new 420 member! I'm a newbie grower and I'm from South Africa. I'm interested in Cannabis for Medicinal and Industrial uses as well as Health and Recreational uses, I've just started my first ever grow and I'll be keeping you guys...