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  1. R

    White Widow Auto Seed #4

    Day 4 Strain- wwa from ck. Last seed finished about 20 days or so earlier than the first one, so we will see. Soil- roughly 1/3 organic potting soil, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 perlite- preflushed with ph 6.4 Light- 2 x 25 w CFL 6500k
  2. Dimebagderek

    New grower questions: node stack, trimming etc

    I’m new to the forums and growing, literally knew next to nothing a couple months ago. Started the germ on 4/20, they popped out of the ground on 4/26. Pictures as follow are from 5/4 (transplant day), 5/11 and 5/14. My main question is should they be so short. They seem pretty healthy just very...
  3. N

    New and low budget any suggestions?

    First ever grow, starting pretty basic inside with plans to finish outside. Seeds are autos 4 different strains.Any tips are appericiated
  4. C

    Is this female?

    Hey everyone, so being my first time growing I just want some input on sexing my plant. Just switched to the 12/12 light cycle and noticed what looks to be 2 white hairs. In my own research I think it means female but also not sure what herm plants look like. Any input is welcome and thank you!
  5. H

    Would like some advice on a growing location

    I live in Michigan, i'm 18, and I have never grown marijuana for medicinal purposes ever and I hardly smoke. My parents both have medical cards but they don't grow or smoke anymore. Id like to set up a spot that is odor free and hidden from everyone. I live on a non-operational farm and I want...
  6. Corinne420

    Corinne420’s Grow Journal: The Odd Plant That Could, 2019

    Strain | Death Bubba? (*the ? will be explained below*) Indica Dominate Hybrid Start Date | 30/12/18 Veg Stage | 23 Days | 21/01/19 Indoor Hydro Starting Fan Cooled 24 Hour Lighting Temp of Room | TBA RH of Room | TBA PH of Media | TBA How Often Are You Watering? | It’s An Automatic Watering...
  7. shugs420

    TMV flowering plants

    Plants are going into week 5 of flower and have yet to show much bud formation, I've been wondering why they haven't been growing much in flower and been narrowing the possibilities down. After I have tried about everything I can think of my conclusion is that my dumb ass gave the plants TMV...
  8. M

    New grower: Need help, advice, tips, pictures

    hello, first of all. i have 2 main question. 1. does hydroguard kill or keep algae away? 2. my plant is stunned and some of the leaves have brown vein/spot on them. how do i combat this problem? is this an algae or nutrition issue? info regarding my setup: i have been closely following this...
  9. T

    Need Advice or help with first grow

    This is my first grow and basicly I accidentally had the led light on both GROWTH and the BLOOM setting at the same time for 18H per day first mistake then the cylinder cent thing fell from the fan and cracked and bent the main stem on my biggest plant so I cut the stem off (fml) and now I am...
  10. Dankzilla40

    What's up 420

    Hey 420 i am new here and i got to say there is a ton of helpful information. Shout out to all the experienced well know members giving out solid advice and info. I just started my first ever grow and im excited to say the least. So stop by check in share info and make suggestions and i will try...
  11. niighaag

    Beginner Grower: New Active User On Forum

    Hello y'all! First off I want to say that this seems like a great forum, and i've been viewing it for alot of time without registrated. Here's a little introduction of my life, sit back and enjoy the show. To begin with I've always had a sweet tooth for growing (all kinds of stuff) , ever...
  12. Poparo

    New Grower, Excited To Learn

    Hi and welcome, I am completely new to this and very eager to get started, but patience is a virtue I am told. Well I have picked my place to grow indoors, going to use my closet. Closet space is 3 1/2 ft deep 6 1/2 ft long and over 8ft high. Planning on using a tent, and a vent with carbon...
  13. A

    Need help identifying an issue

    Hello fellow forum browsers, Some of the plants in the grow tent are showing the following signs. It is day 12 from seed germ. The grow tent stays on the warmer side, 82-86 deg F. I've been using the following chart for watering, except I have not been adding the optional CaliMag...
  14. M

    New grower

    Hi there everyone I'm a new grower and probably have an obvious question. I'm almost done the germination process and ready to plant my seedling. My question is How much light and water is required after I plant. I'm growing indoors. By the way I have the blueberry strain.
  15. flytier

    Flytier's CKS Dwarf Low Flyer - Fall Of 2017 Indoor Grow

    September 01, 2017 Day 1 OK, so I'm waiting for my outdoor plants to ripen and I now have nothing growing inside.I figured that if I don't get on the go with something soon I'd be regretting it, and I've been having a difficult time growing indoors to date so I decided to try something that was...
  16. N

    Hello everyone newgrower93 here

    Hello everyone I'm new to the whole growing and forums thing but I'm looking for help I've posted a thread in the FAQ section and have included a link here because it seems I'm not getting much interest in my thread, so if you could be kind enough to check it out for me that would be...
  17. N

    First grow and not sure if I have deficiencies

    Hello everyone I'm a new grower this is my first grow, I'm growing 9 critical impact seeds from vision seeds and a random free seed that is apparently 'cherry amnesia'. I have germinate my seeds with success and they have been growing in 100% canna coco. I've been feeding them canna nutes...
  18. F

    Bullitt's Rookie Season Outdoor Nukehead 2017

    Hello 420 I am in my rookie season as a MJ grower & have decided to scribe a grow journal in the hope I can receive constructive criticism from those of you who are more advanced at growing this particular plant. I am not a beginning gardener however, as I have been feeding my family out of my...
  19. J

    Lower leaves yellowing and dying - Help please

    Need help with my plants! This is my forst grow.. They are about 3 weeks old and the bottom leaves have began to yellow and die off and growth has slowed.... the are in pro mix bx soil and given vodoo juice on watering once every 4-5 days... they are under a 2700 lumen led light about 8 inches...
  20. C

    Hi All! What an awesome community you have!

    Hi all new to posting I've been checking out the site for awhile and i'm so thankful this community exists! Have already learnt to much. I've just started growing and got my hands on some Green Crack and Purple Kush from crop kings seeds as well as a NYC Clone my mate gave me. Growing in...
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