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  1. ddGreenThumb

    Bonsai-esque LST: Observances, experience, input?

    Some Details I had a bag seed which I planted a couple of months ago. This tough little plant has been very tolerant and forgiving during my learning stages of growing. I ended up trying some LST in a bonsai style and have new growth coming up rapidly that I'm hoping to get some feedback on. I...
  2. WizHigh

    Grow sites, the awkwardness?

    Im getting right to it with pics. Have anyone seen or know why these grow sites are growing out of wack? Tryd to get my camera as clear as I could but there twisting and dont look like they open.
  3. WizHigh

    New growth is white, is this normal? Help

    I have a problem, the new growth that is coming in at the canopy is white. Its showing enough to see that each leaf will have 6 blades. Recent problem was nute burn/lights where to close. At the time I was using 11 CFLs 23w=100 each bulb was 1600 lumens so that's 17600 lumens total. I flushed it...
  4. J

    Question about my plant

    It's been sprouting 5 sided leaves for a while, but I just realized that the new growth are two 4 sided leaves and two 3 sided leaves. I can't find any information online about this. please help!!
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