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  1. steelcap956

    Aerogarden with added airstone/pump

    Just added extra aquarium air tank and two air stones in a T fashion right I. The middle of my Aerogarden7 LED. Waiting on my autoflower beans and a pH/TDS meter to arrive soon. Still far from ready for a bonzai bud machine grow but it's getting there
  2. rottenhawg

    1st post from a new member

    Hey y'all . . . I am a 62 year old male with over 40 years of outdoor growing experience . . . I have grown in Hawaii, California, Alaska, and a few other places . . . I recently had a change of circumstance and had to change to indoor grows. I started with a home mad micro cabinter and a 150...
  3. R

    Hello fellow members - 60yo inexperienced to growing new guy here

    As a 60yo musician who has enjoyed the benefits of cannabis for many years, I have decided to take it to the next level. I live in a state who`s Governor vowed to sign a MMJ bill that reaches his desk. The house appears to be dragging their feet on passing it, even though the Senate passed a...
  4. P

    Happy to be here!

    Hello everyone. I must say I am very happy to be apart of this forum and although I am not an expert by any means, I hope that I can contribute to this forum. I have been growing on and of for a few years but mostly good bag seed. The last couple of years I have stepped up my game and pretty...
  5. G

    New B

    Hey all, looking forward to learning tons about growing my own meds. I love how people on here are so cool with each other, helping each other along the way on this journey. I am a newbie so I'm sure I'll be bugging folks for advice for a while, will try to look at the FAQs first and read the...
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