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  1. K

    Starting First Grow Soon

    Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of planning my first grow. probably getting started within the next month or two, been lurking the forums here for awhile now just trying to learn what I can and I'm pretty excited to get going just thought I might as well introduce myself.
  2. weblock420

    Hi from the UK

    Hi 420! Great community you have here :) Ive joined a few recently as i'm a n00b grower but a long time smoker of 30 years and you're place definitely looks like one of the more active forums. Looking forward to reading and learning a lot from the pro's in here and hopefully in time...
  3. L

    Hello from Colorado

    High - my name is Kadee and I have been a medical marijuana grower and care provider for 6 months now. I taught my self how to grow from the internet and I love it. Right now I am growing aeroponically with Gener Hydroponics 3 part seris only. I am going to cut some clones today and go to...
  4. A

    me, myself, and my weed

    my name is joseph, and my freinds call me azule. i have been smoking for about a year now, and was introduced to weed by my mom, she also told me about 420 magazine saying it was the "coolest shit ever" i love to smoke, i love to grow (when i have the opportunity), and i love to talk with people...
  5. M

    High everyone from ont eh

    Probably not the best way to start off on a new forum -with a completely pointless thread. But anywhosle, whats up fellow smokers lookin forward to trading some know-how. FROM CANADA EHHH :58:
  6. B


    Hey guys, so I've been smoking bud for a awhile and didn't know there was a forum for my fellow stoners :goodjob: so i just signed up and want to say hello to all!
  7. 8

    New here hello all

    Im new here just want to say high!!.:cheer2: Medical patient from southern california.:peace:
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