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  1. painkills2

    Organtica vs. New MexiCann

    It appears that New MexiCann is being allowed to expand its operation before those like Organtica, who have been waiting for years for the Department of Health to add producers. And what do you know, New MexiCann snatched up the well-to-do area of Taos – which was Organtica's first choice for a...
  2. painkills2

    A vote for Gary King is a vote against bud

    Paul Livingston said on the radio last night that Attorney General Gary King's office created the proposed new rules for the medical cannabis program, which will make a restrictive and expensive program even worse. It turns out Mr. King is running as a Democrat in the Governor's race in...
  3. painkills2

    Grape Ape from R. Greenleaf

    R. Greenleaf (Albuquerque) Grape Ape - Indica 18.711% THC; 0% CBD (per website) $12.50/gram Grape Ape is a strong, sweet-smelling diesel, medium amount of resin, no seeds, and more than the usual amount of sticks/stems. Smooth taste, with grape-flavored undertones. The initial effect...
  4. Lew1801

    Disabled Veteran moving-New Mexico to grow-HELP

    I am a disabled Veteran of the US Air Force. I currently reside in Savannah, Ga. I am needing relief from the pain and spasms. Marijuana production is illegal in our state. I am moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico soon to establish residence. I am a licensed real estate broker in Georgia, which...
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