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    New Room, New Lights, New Strain, Organic, Super Soil, DIY COB Setup

    Whats up, I expect this to take a month or so (maybe more) to get off the ground. I recently purchased all the materials to build a new 8 x 8 sealed and insulated room and I just started framing it up. I have a new mini split that I need to install, I have 20 Cree COB 3590 3500k lights in...
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    I need help with new room!

    Hi everyone. I will be starting my first real room soon and just had a few questions. I think I will have two rooms, one for veg and one for flower. If I wanted to do 6x6 for the flowering room would 3 600w hps be enough light? Hom many plants could I fit in a space that big? How big would I...
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