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  1. Maelasae

    New to the forum

    Hello, I've been scouring the web for forums about cannabis for awhile now. I'm looking forward to learning some new info! I also currently have 7 baby cannabis seedlings.
  2. S

    Any Chance Of Medicine Interactions With Cannabis/CBD Oil?

    Hey, everyone! I've been gone a long time as personal issues and my own bad luck with cannabis kept me away. But I'm getting my parents warmed up to the idea of CBD oil, at least, for now. It will probably be Hemp, as my dad is very much into the "federally OK, thing" as he's used to be...
  3. L

    Finally joined the rosters

    Hello gals and guys, my name is luftburen and i currently live in a country where one can get imprisoned for carrying a small amount (Any amount) of Cannabis. We get breathed in the necks by cops and our phones and internet usage is being monitored, all this is done completely legally by the...
  4. M

    Drug test tomorrow & Need Advice ASAP! - My first of many threads

    Hello my fellow tokers... For about a year & a half I was a heavy smoker (mostly OG, Blue Dream, White Widow, etc.) but recently I've only smoked about 2 times in the past week and it was some low grade Reggie Bush. I've been drinking a shit ton of water/tea and have averaged about 2 pots of...
  5. C

    Greetings from the Kitchen

    Hi everyone! Been lurking a bit but wanted to get involved more in the discussions. Been a user for most of my life as well as a gardener, so I finally decided it was time to put the two together and take control over what I medicate with. Obviously I am not in a medical state, but I do...
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