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    Weeding Out The Stoned - The Game Show of Sobriety Tests

    Weeding Out The Stoned is The Game Show of Sobriety Tests. Eight comedians enter. All of them are stoned - but one! Spot the sober individual and win dope prizes! Coming to New York City, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Jersey City and more in 2022! UPCOMING SHOWS...
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    Help New York Legalize Marijuana

    Signez la pétition:
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    Abandoned Indoor PC Grow Box- Blueberry Crumble- Sweet Tooth- New York City- All Auto Flowering

    This is my first proper indoor grow, I'm using a PC grow box and will have 3 different auto flowering strains growing at once. I have 1 blueberry crumble, 1 sweet tooth and finally 1 New York City. All seeds are feminised and are currently being germinated using the paper towel method. So far...
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