1. JackRedins

    Candy Cane Auto - Newby To Indoor

    Ok time to take the plunge. After sticking to outdoor grows since '76 I figured I'd try a tiny indoor op. Light one fixture, adjustable ballast 250w MH for veg 400w HPS for flower I want 4 plants so I germinated 5 seeds according to crop king seeds directions. They guarantee an 80% success...
  2. Y

    Hello - New one from NC

    Very amateur newby. Eagerly looking to learn
  3. J

    New customer - New grower

    First time ordering from CK,and first time grower. I have a 2 story man cave, but I'm only going to use a small fraction upstairs 5 1/2' by 6' by 6ft high. I'm wondering if this is going be large enough for the 5 plants I plan to grow. Also what should the wattage of the lights be, the temp of...
  4. H


    Glad to be a member.
  5. G

    What can I grow in the desert?

    I live in the california desert , Mojave area. the temperature outside can reach 103 degrees, lots of sun. I wanted to grow outdoor in-ground some herb. I want something feminized,HIGH YIELD, high thc, EAZY, possibly good taste to it. hight s no problem and smell are no problem as i dont have...
  6. D


  7. C

    New Grower

    Hey guys ,new grower here. I have been reading this site for over the past few months and decided to start my own garden . I'm starting with 2 autos a Northern light and pyramid candy. I have them in a 5gal bucket. My question is this . I got 1 64000 Light system and I'm wondering if that's...
  8. D

    New to this world, advice appreciated

    Good evening everyone, So up until a couple months ago I was that guy that was so far removed from the drug culture that I wouldn't even know where to start if I were to get the stuff. I actually support legalized marijuana for anyone who wants to smoke it, but I never had any interest in...
  9. G

    New B

    Hey all, looking forward to learning tons about growing my own meds. I love how people on here are so cool with each other, helping each other along the way on this journey. I am a newbie so I'm sure I'll be bugging folks for advice for a while, will try to look at the FAQs first and read the...
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