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  1. B

    Any suggestions for growing outdoor in hot climate

    Hi I am living abroad (Mexico) for some time now, originally from Canada. I am a CBD hemp wholesaler ( No THC) however my clients are now requesting product with THC in it an I want to make some edibles. About 25 years ago I used to grow indoors approx 700 plants in dirt. However I am not...
  2. I

    Hey 420 Mag Fam

    Glad to be part of the community. Hope to see it grow millions.
  3. killuminati99

    Hey 420 and high 2 all fellow soul adventurers!

    High my name is killuminati999 and im a medicine grower. I wanna say Thanks for making such a great site available and running. I m about to make my first grow report and ist gonna be 1x little dipper autoflower from kiwiseeds, and 4x 2 pounder from kiwiseeds aswell. goodluck to fellow...
  4. P

    Hi All! New 2 the Scene Thinking of Green

    What's up everybody. I'm new here. Just registered but, have been reading a lot on here. Glad 2 be part of this group:peace:
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