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  1. P

    Hello group new here and new grow!

    Hello I'm new here and I have a new grow going. LAST YEAR I PLANTED SOME SEEDS IN THE GROUND AND THEY GREW DIDNT GET ANYTHING FROM THEM AS THEY WERE UNDER A TREE SO THIS YEAR IM GROWING TRYING TO PUT A BIT MORE EFFORT they are 11 days old starting them inside 18hr light 6hr dark .afterwards...
  2. SexyPistils

    3rd Grow - Bag Seeds - 2016

    Hey guys!!! So I know it's been years since I've been on this forum but I am back. For the people who followed me on my other journey. I've missed your kind words and hope to reconnect again. So let me tell you why I've been gone so long. After my last grows of getting boys I kept getting sick...
  3. JuicySoil

    Growone Indica - Juicysoil - Northernlights Back - Crossed With Afghani Ancester

    Strain : Indica, nothernlights. Girls : Cloned from beautyfull big Mamma:yummy: Lights for veg : 150w CFL agrolite and 200w agrolite CFL (compactflurocentlights) Lights for flower: 2x400w hps (high presure sodium)...
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