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  1. EastwardNEden

    Landrace Hybrid 1st Generation Grow

    Land race strain from Haiti Cross with unknown Kush strain. Day 70 from seed (day 4 outdoors)
  2. Smkriz99


    HELP 420 fam someone please tell me what is this on my bud ? Are these hermies? Is this normal ? Or is this a male/ female ?? Im confused because there are red hairs Coming out of them???
  3. 58DCCFC6-F1DF-4ADA-85AA-2A992A8BC55A.jpeg


    More pics of my girl, how do I fix the green leaf problem?
  4. J

    I'm new to growing can someone, look at my plant and tell me if it's fine and healthy?

    I recently just started growing my first plant, sadly I do not know the strain as it was a seed I got from some bud. I planted it 5 weeks ago and am doing an outdoor grow. I think it's a female based off of videos I have seen and pictures but would like a more experienced growers opinion on it...
  5. C

    Leaves turning colors please help!

    Hey guys, This is my first grow and it is the white light auto From new 420 guys. i’ve been feeding her plain low EC/ PH’d water because I had slight nutrient burn on her. She popped on the 11th and I have been doing 18/6 lighting. I’m growing in coco and plan to follow the dr. mj’s suggested...
  6. J

    New Grow Please Help! Jrod94's Coco Coir Unknown Strain Grow, 2019

    Hi everyone! Before I get started I just wanted to let you all know that I'm new to the website and this is actually my first grow.. Kinda nervous about it to be honest.. But hey! It's going good so far i think.. Here's an update on everything that I have setup for my mystery plant! (More on...
  7. R

    Second Growing Season

    I have a separate thread for the wwa4, but wanted to show everything else and get constructive criticism
  8. G

    First grow

    Hey what’s good everyone starting a new plant first time also am down south near Houston if anyone has any suggestions or tips that would be greatly appreciated.;)
  9. M

    Hey I'm Owen Gray aka O.G New Member

    As read from above I'm O.G and I'm Epileptic which is why I smoke/am growing now lol I'm a first time grower, literally four days ago I planted my first seeds (three) gorilla glue #2, northern lights and lemon diesel. I am reading articles and watching videos at the moment, learning all I can...
  10. C

    Question about ppm

    Hello growers I have a question regarding auto flowers and what should the runoff ppm be? My runoff was 3000 ppm the meter read 250-300x10 on 2 different meters. I was using hard well water with a ppm of 300 but recently got a 5 stage water filter that brings the ppm to 0ppm but raises the ph...
  11. C

    Best 4x4 grow tent under $800

    With taxes coming in this month, ive been wanting to buy a grow tent and begin growing. only problem is im not an experienced grower and i really dont want to mess up by buying the wrong thing for not knowing better. I would appreciate any help from someone who knows the way to go. Im interested...
  12. SmokAlott

    Help! I Don't Know What's Going On

    My seedlings leaves are droopy and developing spots sorta im new to growing and need help ASAP!!!!
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