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  1. M

    Hey I'm Owen Gray aka O.G New Member

    As read from above I'm O.G and I'm Epileptic which is why I smoke/am growing now lol I'm a first time grower, literally four days ago I planted my first seeds (three) gorilla glue #2, northern lights and lemon diesel. I am reading articles and watching videos at the moment, learning all I can...
  2. N

    First time grower

    I seem to find myself reading alot on this site so I decided to sign up.. Just started my first grow a couple weeks ago.. I think I'm at day 12 from the time they sprouted until now.. I started with 4 seeds..(bag seeds from something that was called Santa's little helper).. I am now down to 2...
  3. W

    Hydroponic newbie

    Hello everyone, New member here... I am also a newbie in growing and hydroponics. I have a set up already and with many failed attempts I have germinated and sprouted some seeds but never got passed that. Troubleshooting I have found that I may have been overwatering the seedlings. Currently I...
  4. S


    Hi everyone this is what i have. 4×4×72 tent 1200w philizon led 6inch 240cfm exhaust fan w/speed control 100 watt ceramic heater Medium fox farm ocean forest My temperatures are 65 light off 71/72 light on. I'm running 18/6 on the light cycle. This is my progress. 10 days from the seed popping
  5. 2

    Germinate with bioroot

    Hey guys I'm new to growing... So when germinating will it hurt the seed if I add a drop of bioroot to the water I use in the germination process and then adjust the ph to 6.0 before placing the seeds in it?
  6. Tattootom2390

    New grower, can I FIM side nodes? Help

    Hello all. My name is tom and I am in my first grow. So my girl (hopefully) was planted on 5/20 from seed and I fimmed on the 5th main node, and have been lst ever since. I now have 10-12 tops showing all around even height. My question is is it beneficial for me to start fimming these secondary...
  7. K

    Just chillin'

    Hey hey hey! whats up Gs, this is "K" im kind of new here but i have my grow journal... :welcome: My First Grow Room i don't know yet how to do my presentation card, so i just leave the link for you. hope you can check it out! :thumb: :Namaste: :420:
  8. luvsmokinweed

    Burnt tips on my 3week old "sledge hammer" indoor sativa

    I have ????s on why the tips are burnt on this individual plant. Is it the CFL (23w, 2700k, 1500 Lumens) I installed? Its about 2-2 1/2 inches from the plant. The plant is 3 weeks old still in Veg. stage. I have it (and 7 others) in MG soil, in 8oz red beer cups. Not sure of the Ph or temp but...
  9. D

    First Grow - Advice Welcome

    What strain is it? white widow Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage?veg If in Veg... For how long?1 week 2 days If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor?in a grow box but in a shed outside so both i guess ? Soil or Hydro?soil...
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