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    New Member

    Namaste: Hello all. Glad to be part of this. I am new to growing, and look forward to learning lots
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    Dr60 - 250W MH/HPS Grow Journal - Bag Seed

    Welcome all. This is my first attempt at growing, I invested a small fortune into a set up, consisting of, 250mh/hps light not air cooled. Vents tt 4'' fan out. Standard carbon filter. John innes potting compost. Vitalink grow feed/bloom 5l pots. And of course bagseeds lol. So the...
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    healthy plant?

    Hi again as a new member I can't help but keep asking questions! This is my first grow, 250 mh/hps light plants are 1 week inti fliweribg and we're 3 weeks veg was wondering whether they look healthy or any bad sign. Sorry for the picture on its side
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