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  1. rillos

    What strains are we growing this year?

    :420:Just wondering what everyone is growing before I decide on my next grow. :thanks:
  2. A

    Recent user of cannabis but ran into a problem.

    Hello All, Glad to be a part of the community! Since I am new and currently am experiencing a rather bad or uncomfortable experience, I want to briefly explain what has occurred and ask for your advice and/or encouragement. 4 months ago I made some cannabis oil. The cannabis was not...
  3. Ignotus

    Hello from Down Under - First indoor grow about to commence

    Hi everyone! I've been trawling different forums for a week or so now, and this seems like it's filled with so much support and positivity I had to join and share my experiences. I'm in my mid 30's and smoked a bit when I was a teenager and into my early 20's before I just stopped. No...
  4. Ron Strider

    In 2018, Utah Voters Could Go Where Lawmakers Wouldn't With Medical Marijuana

    Will 2018 be the year of citizen lawmaking? Utah voters could see as many as five statewide initiatives to change state laws on their ballots in the next general election. In a state where most elections have no initiatives, next year is shaping up as unique. All are about to begin the...
  5. T

    Burning tips with plain water

    I'm pulling my plant a bit early due to upcoming life circumstances and having some slight issues. A over a week ago I ran a gallon of extra water through my coco. Next day gave molasses water then re-upped on my microherd and gave molasses water two days more. Now I'm just giving it distilled...
  6. andIhalped

    Whatcha growing outdoors next year?

    Most of us in the northern hemisphere probably have this season's outdoor harvest in & drying or curing. But it's not too early to plan. So, whatcha got in the chute for next season? My lineup: - a Lebanese landrace hybrid (supposedly has some phenos w/ relatively high CBD/THC ratios)...
  7. JayGeneration

    Grapefruit Diesel

    Grapefruit Diesel by Next Generation Seeds
  8. Ron Strider

    Next Frontier Biosciences Expands Ranks With New Regional Sales Manager

    Growing biotech company strengthens sales team, prepares for product launch. DENVER (October 11, 2017) – As Next Frontier Biosciences prepares to launch its Verra Wellness line of purified cannabinoid products in November, the Colorado-based biotech company has enhanced its experienced sales...
  9. Zafu

    Questions On When To Buy Seeds & Storage

    As one that only grows outside in Northern California, as I'm in the harvesting period currently, of course my mind drifts to what I'll grow next year. I have some concerns over possible selections being sold out if I wait until the new year, so my questions are these, yet related to each...
  10. O

    Combatting Post Harvest Blues

    There's no complaining about 20 or so large canning jars or the 2 months of curing/burping i do. The last trim is today of the dried Hindu Kush and OG Kush ladies that graced my yard so recently. A grove of 8 provided lovely cover and perching spots for the local birds seemingly enjoying feeders...
  11. M

    Next grow Crop King Seeds

    This next grow project I'm getting back down to my roots with Crop King Seeds. CKS long time standing. High ratings, and diligent customer service will be honered this winter by me. Because Early 90's late 2000's NYC was at the top. I give Canada the credit. I'm running nanulox 315, Phantom...
  12. BluePhoric

    BluePhoric's In Between Grows Journal

    While I decide when to start a new grow, and what to do... I'll post here if needed, instead of polluting my first grow journal (soon to be moved to completed journals) with things unrelated to that first grow. Next grow : I will either start growing 1 seed (Euphoria) soon, or wait until...
  13. C

    What should I grow next?

    I just finished a CBD Therapy and White Widow grow (see my grow journal). I now have enough "medicine" to last me awhile. Haven't got a final weigh-in but it looks to me like about 1 lb. So lets talk next grow. I have a MARS 192 x 5 led light, grow in coco, 4x4x6 tent, and would like to get...
  14. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Medicines Firm GW Pharma Plans Expansion

    British cannabis-derived medicines company GW Pharma is planning to gear up its plant growing and processing operations in the UK over the next year. The firm, which switched a listing on London's junior market Aim for New York's Nasdaq last year, where it has a market value of $2.6bn...
  15. C

    Recommendations for next grow strain

    Hi all, I'm after recommendations for next grow. Which strain? I ideally need something low smell, forgiving (I'm a noobie) and shorter. I like sativa's but I know these can grow big. If anyone can recommend a sativa that fits this description then that would be great. Or an indica is ok as...
  16. M

    Please help need advice

    Hello Fellow 420 warriors. I have a stealth grow, with 100w led, growing in soil, a NY Diesel Fem, LST trained, everything was fine, i switched to flowering like 6 days ago, on day 3-4 i decided to foliard feed, with a VERY tiny bit of P and micro nutes because i wanted the soil to dry out...
  17. Jackalope

    Tahoe OG or 9 lb Hammer

    Trying to decide what OG to grow next. I started out with the 9 lb Hammer in the line up to go this next run. I'm also running a Double Sour Purple Kush, Em Dog, Super Lemon Haze, Liberty Haze, and Chocolope. What strain blends best with these other strains. Tahoe OG or 9 LB Hammer
  18. Ron Strider

    MA: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Will Get A Jump On New Retailers

    Medical marijuana dispensaries are likely to play a key role in the retail weed supply chain when legal sales finally begin next July, the key lawmakers behind the state's revamped marijuana bill tell the Herald. "They're going to be knocking down the doors for licenses," bill cosponsor Rep...
  19. Ron Strider

    TEDxMileHigh Joins Protect What's Next Youth Pot-Use Prevention Program

    For this year's iteration of Colorado's campaign to discourage underage marijuana use, the state teamed up with TEDxMileHigh and media company Cactus to take teens on immersive field trips with movers and shakers across Denver. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment''s...
  20. U

    I need help

    I was starting to have a mold issue after all this humidity. So I used milk and water which I never used before. Now the next day my girls are wilting and curling ... dont lnow what to do..can I save my girls?