1. Ganjagrandaddy

    GanjaGrandaddy Grows Great Ganja, Sometimes!

    It had to happen , I had to do it and with heavy heart , I have !!!!. This will be my perpetual journal for the forseeable future and where I will be going through my entire seed stock with journals. I have enjoyed each journal but it seems the more I do the more my signiture gets silly !!!. So...
  2. D


    I have started using an nft system which is just under 1 meter long by 2 foot wide and 1 foot is in a 1 by 1 by 2 meter tent.the pump is on the left and there are 4 plants in it in total,2 near the pump and 2 down at the other end.but the 2 nearest the pump are defo not doing anywhere...
  3. T

    NFT grow - Leaf problems

    Good morning to all of you. This is my first attemt for indoor grow with a nft gr424 but from the beggining i am facing different problems possibly with overfertilizing. My grow room is 1.2 X 1.2 X 2m . I use an HPS 600W Lumatek full spectrum with a dimable Lumatek ballast. Ventilation is...
  4. Gardenseed

    Do you run NFT Hydroponics? Please only respond if you are - Thanks

    Does any one run NFT Hydroponics? My friend is an hydroponics expert in the field of tomatoes for 30 years and he says NFT is the best possible way to farm. Any light on the matter would be greatly appreciated. :nomo: Thanks.
  5. S

    Abandoned Northern Lights First Time Poster

    Hello fellow 420 Members, first off thank you for visiting my grow, this would not be possible without the help of members from this site. My first grow ended a couple weeks ago and I have been vegging my new ladies figured it is time to start the journal! Everything is welcome here Praise and...
  6. I

    My NFT system

    Hi guys ,when my soil grow has finished im gonna start a hydro grow ,i will be using a NFT system,any advice or comments welcomed,but please dont say its crap becouse i have already bought it
  7. U

    Completed 420's 12/12 From Seed, SOG, Hydro NFT, Grow Journal

    :welcome: to my grow journal on :420: I wanted to share my experience as an hydro NFT grower. I've been growing for many years. Not many grow journals are made using this hydroponic NFT technique and rockwool. Even less are about both NFT and 12/12 from seed. I was looking for some grow...
  8. E

    Abandoned First Time Grow - Budget CFL Setup

    Hi guys, so this is my first time here, and anywhere on any forums like this, not sure if I'm posting this in the right area but yeah, here goes.. So I have two "mates" who both are growers, and I somehow ended up being the middle-man in an exchange of clones between the two. He asked for 10...
  9. C

    Hi from U.K.

    house and garden with full line up aqua flakes a+b bud xl roots excelarator etc for dwc,nft ghe flora 3 part series hard water with brand attatives for nft or dwc. which will i be better off with for best results and why if possible pls
  10. B

    Abandoned Hydro NFT - 600W - Super Skunk White Label

    Greetings fellow reader. I bid you welcome in my grow room. I hope you will enjoy and why not, satisfy your eventual curiosity about my setup The Strain: Super Skunk -Mostly indica this strain should provide me robust and fast growing and flowering plants Breeder: White Label Feminised...
  11. trichomes

    Am I correct in concluding this NFT vrs. DWC summation?

    Am I correct in concluding this NFT vrs. DWC summation??: "the difference between NFC and DWC all about moving pumped-water over roots (NFT), opposed to, DWC, in which the water does not constantly move (no water pump, just airstones??)" I'm still learning to weed out the answers vrs...
  12. P

    Abandoned 1st Hydro Grow Journal With Pics

    Hi this is my 1st hydro grow, before this I was growing in soil and have been for a few years. Gradually I became bored of this method so decided to try NFT (nutrient flow technique). I have been searching for a decent journal using this method but had no luck so thought I would write 1...
  13. Knukles376

    DIY NFT System Help?

    Hey guys and gals ! Im thinking of building a Nft system with 4' pipe so i was wondering if i could get any advice on the build or even the upkeep ? also plant spacing, nutes, best res size, idk anything that could help really ? Plz share ur exp and advice ! Thanks Fam !
  14. Android

    Those who run aeroponics: 360 nozzles of which color are you using (Poll)

    If you're consider your setup aeroponics / danish tubes / NFT / whatever applies for spraying roots with nutes - kindly answer poll's question and feel free to share any comments on this subject Thank you
  15. Android

    Those who run aeroponics: 360 nozzles of which color are you using (Poll)

    mods: please delete, this is a dupe - I screwed up, sorry
  16. SteveHman

    Completed SteveHman's Advanced LED Diamond Series - Lucy & Sage - Grow 6.0 - NFT

    It’s time to start a new journal, it seems like these things go so fast. This time around I have switched up a few things. The first big change was in the way I took clones. I have a 60 site ezcloner, and I have 100% success with it. But it has it’s downsides. First, it costs about $350...
  17. HashAssassin

    Completed Half a LB a Month in an Aeroponic Tent

    Well that is the goal and realistically I will probably end up with more!:cheer2: Strains: MTF, MK-Ultra, Bush Widow, Afgooey, and Flo (Blue Pheno) Lights for Veg: 1) 3' 2 lamp T5 and 2) 2' 1 lamp T5HO Lights for Flower: 1 600W HPS Medium: Aero/NFT with 3.75" net cups for veg and...
  18. B

    Hello fellow stoners. I'm Buster Bawls, an Aero/NFT grower.

    Hello everyone. My name is Buster Bawls. I've been smoking marijuana for years and I'm new to the site and have been using it for grow information for the past 6 months. I'm in the eastern time zone in a semi-tolerant marijuana state. I recently lost my job due to a layoff in which my job was...
  19. L

    Vertical NFT with external reservoir.

    Hey all, Just wanted to throw an idea out there and let you pick it apart. I'm about the wrap up my first grow in a couple weeks. I've learned a ton from this forum and all the helpful growers within, thanks. Due to the huge pain in the ass it is to change the res and check PPM & PH in an DWC...
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