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  1. Pantagruel

    Pantagruel's Return - Pure Kush - LSD - Red Dragon - Blue Widow

    Back after a few years off. My wife's mom moved in with us and I lost my room. Just moved into a new house, got a decent grow space again. I've had some seeds in the crisper drawer for over two years now. Took a nice selection, Pure Kush, LSD, Red Dragon, Blue Widow. All 4 popped! Last of the...
  2. H

    New to the 420 mag community but not farming

    Hey what's up everyone it's nice to be part of the community I'm 1happy farmer here:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  3. D


    :thumb:after 37/40 croaked seeds got some new old familiar after their rumoured change-up, which all & sundry deny,cks is back with some easy grows, nice fat, white little roots & green in 2.5 days. to coin a phrase; 'excellent'.:thumb:
  4. D

    Family, friends, food and weed

    Nice to meet everyone.
  5. W


    Hi, I've been reading on here for a while whilst doing my research, I'm currently on my first indoor, 1 crop circle auto, 1 monster mass and 2 bagseed unknowns :-), nice to meet you all and thanks for all the amazing info and help on this site :-) How do you add photos?
  6. C

    Chiba says hi - gh!

    Hi people. Just wanted to say hi, since im the new kid :) Im a 32 year old male from Europe. Currently growing my first (hopefully) successful plants (so far so good). I use weed for sleep issues and stomach problems. In my spare time i ride a harley, fish, hunt, or metal detect :) Nice to be...
  7. J

    Autoflower BlowMind Amnesia/S.A.D Outdoor Buds

    :welcome: Hello everyone I just want to share my latest plant as my second real grow it was a nice experience and the plant was very nice orange and like smell so good. Well I hope every one likes it.
  8. E

    How does this seedling look? It's been growing slow

    Was curious on the opinion of the more experienced. My seedling is slowly growing, I know I had overwatered, I hadn't watered again until the soil was dry near completely. Also I noticed my cfl wasn't at a 6500k spectrum so I made that adjustment as well. My ph is in between 6-7. Just my...
  9. J

    Hello and nice to meet you.

    Hello. My name is Hawthorne and I'm here to help if I can. I don't get involved with drama, pissing contest and yelling matches, we are here to help one another reach a greater goal from legalization to bigger buds lol. I'm a Mechanical Engineer and a licensed​ Electrician for over 20 years...
  10. R

    Nice buds fail to turn

    I recently had a very nice plant that produced a fat six inch crown, good in all respects except that it never ripened - very little trichome development, very little resin. Nice healthy bud, good smoke, with little effect. Any ideas?
  11. ibrokeit


    Meant to veg it longer, didn't set the timer correct. So be it, still a nice bush
  12. S


    I am new to growing so any helpful tips and tricks would be nice i am a cannabis user iam 30 and starting my first grow been doing alot of research for the last couple weeks thanks agin for reading.
  13. LadyGaea

    Great place to learn!

    I am officially new to the forum, though I have been learning from the forum for a while now... just looking in from the outside. Thanks to 420 Magazine and this forum I think I have put together a pretty nice grow tent as result of what I have learned here. Now it's time to put it to the test...
  14. ecdriver

    Hi 420Mag

    High to all of you 420 growers and lovers !!! I'm back on this more than Nice forum.:thumb::yikes::yikes: I'm not growing actually cause i don't have m'y own place to do it properly . I have to share à flat right now and growing is not possible at all... Juste there to maybe help someone...
  15. D

    1st scrog

    1st scrog. Scrog is set at 9" above plant base. I cropped the tops between 5 and 6 nodes. Then I did a mix of cropped and FIM on the second set up from the center. Did some lolly popping at week 5 of veg.. Going into week 6 of veg. Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.
  16. ewilan947

    LST - Plant bondage - Bonzai

    :Namaste::welcome:Hello all you LST lovers :circle-of-love: I thought It would be nice for all of us to post nice pics of our tied up plants. :drool:
  17. D

    A Custom Menu For The Day

    Just getting back to using cannabis, now for pain relief for my wife (Fibro, RA) and insomnia for both of us. So, we've been vaporising, and trying a lot of different strains. We are fortunate to have a good variety here in Toronto. So, after only a month of testing, and taking into...
  18. X

    Dry & curing question when the bud has no stem but is a big nug

    how can u tell when the drying is done on a nice size nug but there is no stem to test snap?
  19. O

    Do I have balls?

    Do I have Balls on 1 of my plants? I see white hairs coming out but it looks abnormal! Also, this plant just keeps stretching compared to my other that's started stacking nice colas. Blueberry autos under 400 watt mars 2. OG79
  20. J

    Yellow leaves - Need help

    This is a very old plant that was started much too early and got to a nice size. Lately it began to turn yellow and I wonder if anyone can help. TIA