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  1. S

    My first effort

    I don't know what this is or where it came from. Had 4 seeds and planted them. Looks like it's buddin' up nicely though. I need to get a better pic or two.
  2. J

    Is this a hermaphrodite?

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm whether this plant (cheese ... 7 weeks flowering) has hermied on me ... It's in a hard to reach place in the room ... seemed to be chugging along nicely ... then noticed these. Can't see any nanas ... Are these new pre-flowers .... or are they balls...
  3. C

    New Plants - New Grower

    Hey everyone! First time grower here and wanted to check in with you all! I recently got some seeds from my dispensary out here in Socal and was interested in starting up this little hobby of greenery. I went out and got a grow tent (48" x 24" x 60") and it fits nicely in the...
  4. K

    20 day old autoflower - Advice on nutes?

    Hello, this plant is 20 days old. I feed them Canna Terra Vega at half strength (25ml/10000ml) every watering. But it looks like she is not having enough nutes? The smaller buds are nicely dark green while the bottom is turning out yellow. Should I up it a bit to 30ml/10000ml every watering?