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  1. Ron Strider

    Australia: No Easy Answers For Medicinal Cannabis Cropping

    Medicinal cannabis should be grown under protected cropping conditions, not open fields, according to an industry expert. Widely known hydroponic cropping figure and author, Dr Mike Nichols, spoke at the Protected Cropping Australia Conference in Adelaide last week where he gave an insight...
  2. R

    They're Breaking The Stigma: Medical Cannabis Proponents Converge In Albuquerque

    David Nichols is a lot of things. He's a businessman, an entrepreneur, a full-time worker and a self-described productive member of society. He's also a medical marijuana user and before he was, Nichols wasn't always in a place that gave him an opportunity to be all of those things. He and...
  3. R

    NZ May Miss Boat, Medical Cannabis Exports

    New Zealand could miss the boat as an exporter of medicinal cannabis, horticulture expert Dr Mike Nichols said. Nichols, writing in the latest issue of the horticulture magazine, NZGrower, said New Zealand could miss out in much the same way as it did with the opium poppy trade, which is now...