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    Willie Nelson Approves Of Nick And Nate Diaz's New Medicinal Marijuana Brands

    You can count martial arts enthusiast Willie Nelson amongst the many fans of Nick and Nate Diaz's foray into the world of medicinal marijuana products. Nate Diaz made major headlines (and started a USADA investigation) after smoking from a vape pen full of medicinal marijuana CBD oil at the...
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    Nick And Nate Diaz Marijuana Pipes And Rolling Papers Now For Sale

    These days, certain forms product placement shows up where you least expect it. Especially in the combat sports scene, where it's less likely for most fighters to be the faces of brands for mass consumption. Yet due to their anti-establishment bravado and penchant for consuming the devil's...
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    Dime and Nick meanings

    I think a lot of people get this wrong so I will explain. Maybe in the past it meant something different but for me a nick means I need a 5$ bag and dime is 10$ bag. A lot of people think nick and dime means a certain size but for me it means price. I always gotten different sizes, I hear people...