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night nurse

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    White Widow x Big Bud & Night Nurse Fem - Coco & Perlite - DTW - 440 Actual Draw LED

    Hello!! I'm Stooby, this will be my second grow here. I'll run down my setup, and all other particulars first. Grow Environment -2x4x5 mylar grow tent (tent is in a small utility room, which has central a/c piped in) -1x 390 CFM 6" inline duct fan (Apollo Hort.) (direct exhaust, no ducts)...
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    Night Nurse - Grow Journal

    Hello and thank you for checking out my journal. I wanted to start a night nurse journal since there arent many to really look at. I'm new here so, hope i post this right. Growing experience little over 2 and half years. equipment used: Flower Tent: 4x8 apollo grow tent flower 1200 watts...