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nirvana blue mystic autos

  1. S

    Nirvana Blue Mystic Auto Fem CFL Grow

    Hey this is my First auto fem grow, please have a lok and drop some advice Nirvana Blue mystic auto fem currently On Day 4 Soil enriched with blood and bone/excellent drainage and airation 10 Litre Bucket filled 95% 5x CFL 24w 6500k 1x cfl 2700k 9000 lumen total going to add 2 more cfl in...
  2. Jubes

    Jubes - Soil - Nirvana Blue Mystic Autos - 2013

    Indica strain: nirvana blue mystic auto flowers 10 plants Feminized Yield hopefully anywhere from 50 to 100 grams m2 Stoney effect Low growing plants Flower time 5-7 weeks Very neutral smell 2 gallon size pots 50/50 perlite peat moss mixture 650 watt hydro grow light series x2 No...
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