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    Skywalker OG 2-25-2020
  2. BigDIRTYBill

    BigDIRTY's 400w Aurora Indica Grow

    Hey everyone. I'm a ways through flower but I figured why not start myself a journal. I've grown quite a few times before but since Canada recently legalized cannabis I figured why not start again. Seeds popped on Oct 23. I'm currently running a 400w hps on 2x Aurora Indica by Nirvana, in a...
  3. Kongfuzi

    Kongfuzi Grows Some Autos: A First Time Grower Goes All In

    Hey y’all, long time reader, first time grower. Indoor inside a tent using the best I could afford because honestly weed gets expensive and 200 a week could be going to other things tbh. Let’s go over the setup: 6x4x7 HLG tent with HLG550 V2 light @ 3000k - (1) 6 inch Infinity Cloudline T6...
  4. 4

    1st Grow Nirvana Critical Auto

    So i started this grow in may under a 90w led bar light and a 135w ufo led light. This is the second seed I germinated the first didnt pop but once the second popped I put her in a homemade aero pot that i made by drilling abunch of holes in a 5 gallon bucket for airflow then mixed 50% coco with...
  5. Zogrowsgreen

    Zo's Cage Of Green - ZCOG Hydro Grow 2.0 - AK48 - Nirvana Seeds

    Alright Guys Here We Are beginning my Second grow and this grow should be much better than my first grow, now that i have the learning curve and first grow mistakes out of the way for the most part its time to grow some medical grade cannabis. This grow will be a bigger and better version of...
  6. JadeKush

    Red Poison Auto From Sweet Seeds & Bubblelicious Auto From Nirvana

    Here's my first auto grow. I'm running 4 Red Poison Auto From Sweet Seeds And 4 Bubblelicious Auto From Nirvana. I'll be running them in a 4x4 Apollo Grow Tent. Dimmable Digital Ballast, 600 watt HPS/MH Conversion. I bought this set-up just to run Auto strains, and to have another tent to...
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