nitrogen deficiency

  1. 1m LST with nitrogen def.

    1m LST with nitrogen def.

    I gave it bloodmeal last night, but it won't kick in until next feeding
  2. Nitrogen (N) Deficiency

    Nitrogen (N) Deficiency

    Symptoms of Nitrogen deficiency include; red stems, small growth, pale appearance to the plant, and a rapid yellowing of the lower leaves that spreads up the plant. To remedy this particular situation, simply add an organic fertilizer containing nitrogen and monitor.
  3. Gnomex26

    Cal-Mag Or Nitrogen Deficiency?

    Hey guys, not sure if anyone has followed my Journey, it's been awesome, and thank this community for all its support. So I did research obviously and I cant tell if my otherwise VERY healthy plants have a calcium magnesium or nitrogen deficiency while in veg still? The soil I transplanted them...
  4. S

    Seedlings looking sad and yellow

    Hey everyone and thanks for checking this out. I just had to redo my setup using CFL because my partnership dissolved and they took their corn lamp. I had to repot them because they were breaching the drain holes and there was some pretty low quality soil used but I sifted through it and...
  5. t burn

    Yellowing lower leaves? Nitrogen Deficiency?

    sup,im a first time grower using a standard potting compost in a greenhouse grow. I have some maxicrop organic fertiliser and have once used it on my larger plants. On near enough all of the plants the lower leaves including the cotyledons (which have died) have turned yellow and many of them...
  6. C

    Nitrogen deficiency? Lighting issue? Other?

    I need help...what is wrong with the plant on the left? Does this look like a nitrogen deficiency? Overwatering? Lighting issue? The two plants in the picture are from the exact same mother and cloned at the same time. My friend has had the one on the Right, I've had the one on the Left. Left...
  7. M

    Nitrogen deficiency 1st grow

    Hi guys, please can someone take a look at my pics and let me know if my plants are suffering from a nitrogen deficiency problem. It's my first grow and the pics are from my 6th week in veg, I'm going into my 7th now. My medium is canna coco professional and all my nutes are canna. Any...
  8. S

    Urine and Nirvana to cure a Nitrogen def

    Well most of my babies are mid-way through flowering and it seems like they are nitrogen deficient. I know this is normal late in flwering but on most of them(except one) they are just not at that stage yet. So my question is(since i stopped nuting them since my last flush) is if i can use...
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