no buds

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    Early Miss very late

    Hi I'm new at this growing and having a hard time getting help. I have 4 Early Miss going into week 10. 2 have fair buds, not very tall. The other 2 just keep growing and just starting to pre-flower. They look completely different. I changed light from 18/6 to 12/12 as some have suggested...
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    White Widow auto blume

    Hi everyone, first time poster, first time grower. Crop King White Widow auto flower. In the ground, outside in pots, in a greenhouse. fertilizing with 18-18-21. Beautiful, bushy healthy plants....but no flowers. Lots of light, a little breeze, nice and warm. What am I doing wrong?
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    Flowering but No Buds

    i got a lemon skunk and a super lemon haze........before i planted them i had started from a randome seed a friend gave me(unknown type)-this plant started flowering-its budding-no problems but the other 2 are flowering but no buds. just so you know-i am growing outdoors (in pots but under...
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