no nutes

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    Week 4 of flower and most trichombs are already cloudy & milky - Is this normal?

    unknown bagseed of some loud.. stealth, cardboard box, micro grow, from 16oz solo cup to 44oz cup 4 23w 100w-eq.. no nutes 12/12 after 1 week of veg
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    Unofficial Grow Experiment - Ghost Train Haze in DWC

    Hey Folks, So I am new here but I have been lurking on this site for a while now (about a year), and I am really excited to be posting my first journal. Though this will be my first grow ever I am not counting it as such because I was forced (well more like frustrated with running out with lack...
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    I need help diagnosing problem - pics available

    Hey guys can anyone tell me what is going on with my plant Shes in veg 7weeks in no nutes added yet at all shes in fox farms ocean forest and was growing healthy up until about a week ago it cant be nute burn because i havent fedd her what could it be temp is at 79 Ph 6.5 No i dea wat...