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no smell

  1. V

    Smell lacking! After drying & curing

    Pleasant good day to one and all, I'm growing in the caribbean so its hot and humid 28 degrees and 80 RH in day, this is my 5th grow and i simply cannot get the good smell or even acceptable smell. In my last grow i even ran AC throughout the entire cycle and grew at 24 C RH 65 , dried at 20 C...
  2. spleef farmer

    Loss of plant smell while growing

    My plants loose their smell while growing. Could someone tell me if this is a normal thing? I am growing under lights and usually grow outdoors. Have harvested but haven't sampled yet.
  3. M

    HELP.Why don't it smell

    Hi there... I think my plant is almost ready for harvesting, but for some reason there is no smell ??? why is this ??? It's getting full of the little crystals the trichoms are going red/brow and its really really sticky. I have no idea what type of plant ive got it was just a seed that i...
  4. H

    Going for a no-weed-smell Cannabutter method

    So, I live in a college dorm room. I find that I am very, very reactive to THC, but my roommate cannot seem to get high when smoking. The most he's gotten is a buzz, and that was after a large dose. So, we're looking to make Cannabutter. This is reportedly much more potent, and will also take...
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