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  1. mackdaddyerb

    Phresh Hyperfan with silencer vs Phresh Stealth fan with built in silencer

    Has anyone here used or heard of the Phresh Stealth fan? there seems to be very little coverage of it anywhere on google. I came across one product review and someone said the built in muffler created 'oscillating sounds' due to its bulld but nothing else on it hardly. The stealth is supposed...
  2. Emilya

    My fan just passed a stone!

    Yep... you learn something every day. I have a couple of those 6" Vortex fans... sturdy things... I love them. Well, the one pulling air through my carbon filter started making some noise the other day... an ugly noise. Something was not right. The noise over the next few days got louder and...
  3. Iguana Man

    MarsHydro 300 - Fan noise?

    Anyone else experience fan noise after a couple months of use with the MarsHydro 300? Specifically, I'm at 1,188 hrs into my grow and I now hear a slight fan noise. I'd describe it as something thin and pliable hitting the fan. It's not overly loud but it's there and I run a clean house so it's...
  4. P

    My 300w 140 true watt LED grow light is making a grinding sound - What should I do?

    my 3 month old galaxyhydro 300w 140 true watt led grow light is making a grinding noise. the grinding noise. it is very noticeable for the first 20 minutes after the light turns on then the noise fades away and then you can barely notice it . should I be concerned ? and is my led light any less...
  5. B

    Exhaust fan noise

    Hey guys if any of you are frustrated with the noise from inline fans, I found this fan to be exceptionally quiet. Mine is secured right to the ceiling with no resonance or vibration issues. I have the FFC 300 and am really happy with it. MUCH quieter than a 4" inline vortex fan...