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  1. A

    Strain, genetics, or mutation?

    Or none of the above.. have had a couple of kiddos doing this weird leaf growth, they start out looking normal but as the leaf matures it looks mutated anf none normal. Was wondering what it was. Ik I've seen it before with friends plants and in pics but wanted to pinpoint the exact meaning...
  2. quinny

    New grow

    Im currently using canna pro plus medium and canna vega and everythin seems to be ok i was surprised that i would even work haha thank
  3. B

    Molasses green pond strain

    Using molasses during flowering awesome results!
  4. S

    A Beginners Journal - 250W HPS - Indoor - Soil In Wardrobe - Advice Welcome!

    Hello everyone! First of all i wanted to say that this is really a great Website! It gives me a lot of usefull Information and helped me a lot. Thank you guys here for that! English is not my natural language, so please don´t be too harsh with my words :) But now, lets move on to my Project...
  5. R

    Multiple issues - Believe Zinc deficiency and hot soil

    Strain - Not sure bag seeds but believe Indica dominant # of Plants - 6 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 7.5 Gallon Lights - (3) 300w Led Nutrients - None using M3 soil Medium - M3 soil PPM - water is RO about 15 PH - 6.5 RH - 32% to 42% having a hard time getting humidity...