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  1. Sperm

    First Grow Beginner Journal: Autoflower

    I won’t exactly be making this journal to educate people but to document what i do and to see the progress laid out and help/tips with any issues that might pop up Seed planted (1st nov) Girl scout cookies Auto Growing in soil & perlite Rh 48-60 Closet temp 22-28c Ph i try to hit 6.0 5gal pot...
  2. Og kush

    Og kush

    My first Dinafem grow recently harvested so beautiful !
  3. Km021

    Ppm run off is low!

    Hey guys, im in 2nd week of flowering in organic soil, I am feeding my plants 700ppm and my runoff is coming out at 180 ppm. Is this normal? Does that mean that they are eating everything I am feeding them? I always water till the soil is pretty dry by Using soil moisture meter. I always...
  4. Bubbalove

    BubbaLove's Master Kush Ultra Organic Flower Journal

    I am a little late creating this journal, here is what I have. I am currently in 2nd week of flower on my medical grow. I am doing an all organic grow in beds. I am using Sustane organic fertilizer along with tea's. My light situation is a bit of a test. I am testing out LED's and COB's. So...
  5. G

    37 day old cannabis plant, this is my first grow with pictures

    Any suggestions based off pictures?
  6. H

    PH rise troubleshoot

    Hi. I'm new to growing cannabis and decided to just get straight into hydro because i like a challenge... With my swinging PH levels i'm starting to doubt that decision... I wanted to start off small so i'm rolling with a 90L/h airpump in a container with 4L of nutrient solution Ph to 5.5. From...
  7. N

    First time MMJ grower - Need some help!

    As the title states this will be my first time ever growing anything from mother nature. I am in a lot of pain and finally decided to do something about it myself - i refuse to take the morphine my doctors want to medicate me with. In the end i wont die of the pain i feel - but using morphine...
  8. R

    New grower with some questions about hempy buckets

    Hey all, I'm going to be starting a new grow soon. (Yay for legalization in MA :goodjob:) I just had a few questions about hempy buckets and my current set up. I have an 4x4x7 tent. 1200w LED light. 6" 442 CFM Ducting Inline Fan Blower with carbon filter. I plan to start from...
  9. D

    Noobie wanting to grow

    Hey guys! This is my first thread and have spent a lot of time not paying attention at college and learning about growing. My first impulse is to make a grow room that's 10x 10 and grow a butt load of marijuana. However realistically I realize this isn't a good approach for a starter and decided...
  10. W

    Abandoned First Time Grow - Blue Cheese - G13 - Chemdawg - Organic

    Hi! I am a first time grower who happened to get some Blue Cheese, G13, and Chemdawg clones that were "sick". The plants were only a foot or so tall and already on a 12/12 with cinimon on the soil. The leaves were yellow and limp. The soil was completely dry. I tried my hardest to revive them...
  11. S

    Completed Sapperman's First Grow New M3 Soil Organic Only Water Silver Pearl - 2014

    this is my first grow and my first time here. i am growing SILVER PEARL in M3 and pro mix just watering. M3 NPK is 15-33-38. i got my clones at about 8 to 10 in. in pro mix in solo cups. transplanted them to 1 gal. pots with about 3 in. of M3 and about an inch of pro mix as a buffer. then...
  12. B

    100 dollar setup? 150?

    Hey Guys, Bainser360Pwn here, i got a couple questions i really need help with. Im a nooblet grower Any i have so many question but i dont want to be a bother and post 300 different ones lol. so ill just ask my main concerning ones. I want to get into the growing business. NOT TO DISTRIBUTE...
  13. D

    Abandoned DankNoob's First Grow - Bag Seed/CFL Grow

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to my first grow journal! I would first like to thank the community for providing such excellent information for me thus far. I am a complete noob to forums (all types of forums) and growing so any advice is greatly appreciated. I wanted to start this grow journal when...
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