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  1. N

    How many times do I flush?

    Hi Everyone Quick question, I'm currently growing Green Gelato in a light-mix Biobizz medium. I have been using only Biobizz feeding products as well. I have a 5 gallon fabric pot, and after reading through the group it seems that I need 2/3 times the amount of water per size container. So in...
  2. S

    My first ever grow

    Hi all, I have been smoking for about 4/5 years npow and have decided to start growing for the past month I have done nothing but research. I have decided to try and grow auto white widow in a 40 by 40 by 140 grow tent using biobizz light I'm planning to use CFL lights 125 watt for the first 4...
  3. D

    Noobie wanting to grow

    Hey guys! This is my first thread and have spent a lot of time not paying attention at college and learning about growing. My first impulse is to make a grow room that's 10x 10 and grow a butt load of marijuana. However realistically I realize this isn't a good approach for a starter and decided...
  4. CoreyCorey

    New grower - Questions

    Hey 420Fam, This is my first post and I'm grateful for all the insight, know-how and comaraderie each and every one of you display.:circle-of-love: My questions are as follows: 1. I plan on using a DR60 (Secret Jardin) in an area that will be cool from the season (50-60 deg F maybe even...
  5. Z

    Abandoned ZenSound's First Grow - Hydroponics/Top Down Drip - 3 Fem Strains - 2013

    Hello 420Mag users! Long time lurker here and just wanted to pay respects to all the fellow Ents and such that got me into the wonderful world of Our Lady of Fertile Nurturing, Emmjay. :Namaste: I have followed many grow journals, iSmokes first grow and many others provided so much insight...
  6. T

    Golden Pride

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but does anyone have any info on a strain named "Golden Pride"? The area it was acquired in was East Tennessee.
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