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  1. S

    Noob soil grow

    Do you have to transplant or can I just start off with 5 gallon bucket? Also, I am going to use happy frog potting soil do I have to mix it with anything or is this ok? Thank you
  2. T

    Noob setup questions

    hi guys, I live in a flat/apartment in a heavily populated and built up area in the UK. After a fair amount of reading and watching grow vids/images and not much being said on the matter, I wondered if you guys could tell me how effective the carbon filters are at dealing with the smell...
  3. M

    Early Browning On Clone Questions

    I transplanted 4 clones. One of them had a brown spot on the bottom most leaves pre-transplant. Those leaves are now starting to all have brown spots and wilt. It looks like and over water issue, while the roots are trying to establish. http://i63.tinypic.com/2i1z3hs.jpg...
  4. McSmokin

    My First Grow

    Im new to growing, this being my first grow. I have done a TON of research about indoor growing, and am stoked to finally get the ball rolling on my first crop. The thing is though, the more I learn, the more I realize that other growers' two cents will help me make the best quality smoke...
  5. S


    Hey guys first off, I hope I'm posting this in the right area I'm still learning how to use the site. Antiways... obviously I am a noob to growing and right now I am about to place my seeds in soil..... and I have seen 1000000 things to do directly after but I need a sure answer this one guy...
  6. G

    Hi From UK

    Hi from the uk and a noob and wanting to start growing soon just need some help in what the best light for saving money and whats the light for 5 plant tent and watts i need thanks
  7. CriminalJedi

    Budget First Ever Grow - 1 Plant - CFL

    Hi, First time Grower here. Currently I'm 21 days into flower with my Samsara Seeds - Holy Grail 69. She broke the soil on 6th October 2015. And I flipped her on 17th November 2015. So I guess she vedged for 6 Weeks? Right now she is 2 foot high from the medium. Lots of bud sites with...
  8. I

    Grow Tent Ventilation - Inline Fan Issues - Please Help!

    OK hi everybody, new guy here. I have this inline fan: connected to a speedster, with at least 7 meters of ducting connected to the inline fan. First meter or so is 4 inch, then connected to the remaining 6 meters of ducting which is 6 inch. With 3 nice bends in ducting to reach the final...
  9. JusD420


    Peace, been smoking for years but honest enough to say that I've just recently came into some knowledge about the plant. I wanna build with other knowledgeable people here and learn with and from you guys. Which leads me to this...what do you guys think about the health of these nugs? Any help...
  10. fathom

    Hello lovely people of the internet

    Hey everyone. I am Fathom. I have been smoking weed heavily everyday for 14 years after getting tendinitis from playing the drums. I have decided to give it a grow myself. I have just purchased a 300w LED from Galaxy Hydro, I am using Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix and have constructed a...
  11. Z

    Help! How to grow with very limited, specific options?

    Dear Forum Members, I hope you all are doing well. This is my first post, so i would appreciate if you are patient with me. I am a complete Newbie. I have never grown a single plant in my life. But the time has come to grow my own marijuana. I have questions about growing...
  12. N

    Bag Seeds From Unknown Purple - CFL Set Up - Complete Beginner - Advice Welcome

    Hello im completely a beginner when it comes to grows, my family has done it before, and i've done a lot of research in the past, so the other day my friend came over and sold me this purp that had nice seeds in it, he said he got it from a dispensary, he normally isn't the type to lie so i...
  13. T

    1st Grow!

    One is in a 3 gallon pot. It is so pretty. Ive topped it twice and it hasn't shown any preflowers as of yet, although it is about 2 weeks older than the one in preflower. It's in a mixture of black kow and miracle grow veggie soil. I gave it blood meal, my dog peed on it twice, epsom salts...
  14. D

    Noobie wanting to grow

    Hey guys! This is my first thread and have spent a lot of time not paying attention at college and learning about growing. My first impulse is to make a grow room that's 10x 10 and grow a butt load of marijuana. However realistically I realize this isn't a good approach for a starter and decided...
  15. P

    New grower - need advice

    hi there just signed up in the forum this ak 48 has 27 days of life since sprouting, cfl's, this is my first time and i thought i was doing well, since i also transplanted it correctly guessing the right time. it's almost 16 cm tall from soil. but before even transplanting, yellow tips on...
  16. A


    Hello readers of 420magazine, I am Andy and this is my first post. I am a novice grower, soon to be first time indoor grower. I am completely incognito, baked like a cake, and am no doubt in need of tips from experienced lady makers. My stuff, all brand new in the box ready to go; 1000W...
  17. TrplJacks

    First Time Growing My Favorite Plant

    What's up everyone!? I have been doing some secret squirrel research on here for a little while and I am excited to see how this is going to turn out. I decided to build my own grow box because it gave me something to do. I'm going to try and keep my posts short but I'll be uploading pics and...
  18. M

    Murkerrr's First Soil Auto Anesthesia CFL Grow Journal - 2014

    Hey guys, welcome to my first grow journal! The reason I am doing this is because i have never grown before, and I know I will be able to get lots of good advice from other experienced forum members. I also just want to keep a log of this for my own personal enjoyment :) Of course, any and all...
  19. D

    Cannabahashed Noob First Grow.

    Hello to all. This is my first ever go at a grow, since a friend gave me a few DVD videos made by the legend Jorge Cervantes, I have been obsessed with the idea of it all and how simple it could be to achieve. A few DVDs later and a shit load of studying, I started to get an idea of what I...
  20. A

    noob taking on a massive load

    hey hey been an avid smoker for a few years. but recently the jane has opened my eyes to possibilities i never thought were possible where i was in life. im about to start my first grow. ill start my journal soon any tips would be awsome. FYI first time grower with 300 1000w HPS lights...
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