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  1. C

    a question

    i recently sprouted a few seeds in soil I went to take a look at the sprouts leaned into the bed and broke one of the seeds off the I guess that would be the root sticking from the soil Will that still grow
  2. Mr.M

    Amateur Hour 2012

    Hey Everyone! I decided to start a Journal to follow a quick mock up in a poly divided 6x7 closet. Along with a miniature SOG I wanted to test. Lights: 600W HPS Interlux Bulb/Phantom Ballast 4ft 8-Bulb Pioneer T5s 4x85W CFL 200W CFL for SOG Misc. White King Wing Reflector(or...
  3. V

    Hello! :) Need some advice on growing my first girls

    HOPE I POSTED THIS IN THE RIGHT PLACE... Hey everyone...just joined but have been reading the threads for awhile now. Just started my 1st grow 3 days ago. Bought 2 clones. 1 Skywalkerog plant which is gorgeous...already has a beautiful leaf HUGE..growing more underneath. And a Platinum OG...
  4. jwb87

    New to soil (autoflowering)

    hey all, good to be back! life picked up pace pretty quick so I had to put the grow on hold but I'm back and ready to grow, but I have a change of game plans, hydro to soil! I had already purchased EVERYTHING for hydro. Everything is all made, all nutes are bought, and ready to go only one...
  5. H

    Rookie first timer

    How is it looking for 53 days
  6. Ganglion

    First Grow - 125W CFL - Lowryder #2 & Bag Seed

    Hello and welcome to my grow!! I put first in inverted commas as this is not my first grow, but is my first to sucessfully reach budding. Hope you're mighty high and comfortable. :tokin: I guess I'll start by telling you a little about my grow... -I'm using a 125w dual spectrum clf, hoping...
  7. GreenChrome

    GreenChromes First Grow, Bag Seed Kush, Soil, Flourescents Only - 2010-2011

    Hello 420! After lurking for a bit, I decided to make the jump so here I am. My experience growing is none, so I wll need your help as I learn. I have started setting up my room, or rather my closet. It is 28" x 28", small. Pictures of the current work in progress will be up as soon as my...
  8. C


    Hello all, Chad here, im a noob :). Im over in the UK and have just started my first grow. I got 8 medicinal California Orange Bud on the go and am 3 weeks into veg. No problems so far. Im growing in 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m grow tent, ive got one 4inch inline fan for air intake and one 5 inch...
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