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    Decriminalize Marijuana In Norfolk And Virginia

    On a recent September day, 86 people were being held at the Norfolk City Jail on marijuana charges, according to Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe. "The daily cost to house an inmate in NCJ is $59.69," he said. "(The) daily cost to house 86 inmates is $5,133, or $1,873,000 annually." Almost two...
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    VA: Norfolk Councilman Pushes For Decriminalizing Marijuana

    Norfolk, Va. — The debate over marijuana is gaining strength in Hampton Roads. A Norfolk Councilman is suggesting the city decriminalize possession of small amounts of the drug. Councilman Paul Riddick wants to include the decriminalization of marijuana in the legislative package that City...
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    7 Talking Points For Supporters Of Cannabis Decriminalization In Norfolk And Virginia

    This week Norfolk City Councilman Paul Riddick broke open the conversation about marijuana decriminalization in Virginia. The City of Norfolk will study the issue, possibly leading to adding marijuana decriminalization to the legislative package it sends to the General Assembly this year...
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    VA: Norfolk Council Talks Marijuana Decriminalization

    At last night's informal Norfolk city council meeting Councilman Paul Riddick called for a "total presentation" on marijuana decriminalization. "I would like to have a presentation by professionals to let us know their opinions," Riddick said in the portion of the meeting dedicated to council...
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