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    Virginia Senate Leader Formally Requests Study On Decriminalizing Marijuana

    A month after saying he was open to studying the decriminalization of marijuana, the top elected Republican in Virginia has formally asked a key legislative commission to look into the issue. State Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment had opposed decriminalization in the past. But during a...
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    Could Virginia Lawmakers Actually Warm Up To Marijuana?

    Did a powerful Republican in the Virginia General Assembly open the door - just a crack - to decriminalization of marijuana in the Old Dominion? Let's go to the tape - or, in this case, the Virginian-Pilot, which quoted state Sen. Thomas K. Norment Jr. appearing at a meeting on Tuesday with...
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    Virginia Senate Leader - It's Time To Look At Marijuana Decriminalization

    In a switch, one of Virginia's most powerful elected officials said Tuesday that he supports studying the decriminalization of marijuana. "I think it's absolutely crazy that we continue to lock people up for possession of a modest amount of marijuana," said Tommy Norment, the majority leader...
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    VA: Sen. Tommy Norment Says He Supports Decriminalizing Marijuana

    Virginia - Senator Tommy Norment, R-Va., tells 10 On Your Side he supports the decriminalization of small, modest amounts of marijuana. Sen. Norment is the Republican majority leader of the Virginia Senate and is considered one of the the most powerful political leaders in the Commonwealth...