1. G

    Hi there from N.E.

    I've done a crop outdoors for last 15 years. But this is my first one with autoflower too. So any tips with these would be appreciated. Thanks I wish I found this site sooner very informative and can't reading it
  2. K

    FL: DOH Issues Final Order Denying Loop's Nuersery Medical Marijuana License

    The Florida Department of Health has issued a final order rejecting a Northeast Florida nursery's request for a licenses to grow and distribute medical marijuana, four months after an administrative law judge said the nursery failed to show it should have been approved. On Thursday, Surgeon...
  3. strapped420

    Completed Strapped420: Headie Seed - Outdoor - 2nd Time!

    Hey, So gonna make this short and simple.... I had 10 seedlings,,,and JUST Potted 4... They were spotted by a farmer, if you look at my last grow journal, you will see how my grow spot is. So i moved them, And next day, All my hard work, drilling holes, mixing Soil, A good chunk of change gone...
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