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  1. Northern Lights Week 7 Flower

    Northern Lights Week 7 Flower

    Some pics of my first scrog using some old school Northern Lights seeds. This one had a little ph problem.
  2. 20180323_120710.jpg


    Northern Lights Day 45 Flower
  3. Elvira - 14 days IMG_7020.JPG

    Elvira - 14 days IMG_7020.JPG

    Elvira Northern Lights Auto at 14 days
  4. IMG_0078.JPG


  5. GeneStarwind

    CKS Northern Lights day 49 - Pistils won't turn to buds

    Lighting- 4, 60 Watt Soft White, CFL Schedule-24/0, and started 20/4 last night Nutes- 2-7-7 Cactus Nutes Strain- CKS, Northern Light AutoFem Medium- Scotts Hydronex, 3 gallon pot Water every 3-4 days until pot feels light So I am on day 49 (week 6) from seed with this autoflower, and it...
  6. C

    Help! Seedling is dying or possibly dead

    whats wrong with my plant? :( Hi all! This is my second time growing, so we are still trying to establish a peocess that works for us. I am doing out door, organic growing. Right now, my seedlings are in plantable pots, and are inside on a window ledge. The seedlings are about 2ish weeks old...
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