norther lights

  1. OGeMann

    Summer grow

    I have 3 that are 3 weeks old NLxB, NL and PH I am using living soil and so far I am really impressed with it. I had a malfunction {ME} on my timer for my water pump, It ran for 10 minutes and flushed out on the tray. It didn't effect them at all...Did some LST A SGROG net will be used
  2. OGeMann

    Slow growth

    I have NLxB, NL and PH all autos soil mix NLS, coco loco, perlite, vermiculite, worm casting and top layer of mulch Does living soil have to be moist at all time? I read a 7-10 moist ratio is a good way to keep the soil moist, does this slow the growth down? inside grow; 5x5 tent Light: 600...
  3. N

    Greetings to all

    so this is my indoor diy grow tent I'm running a viparspectra p1000 and going into week 5. so I got on the right side a northern light with some unique and unusual growth, I hope I can make some better pics 4 u guys, and on the left a Mazar. I'm running out of vertical space so I have dimmed the...
  4. Northern lights day 21 flower

    Northern lights day 21 flower

    5 x 9
  5. J

    To Flush Or Not To Flush

    So I’m coming near the end of my girls life and I’m getting ready to chop in maybe 9-14 days and my main question is to flush or not to flush? And I don’t mean the typical flush of dumping loads of water through the pot, unless in certain circumstances that is needed. But I’m talking either...
  6. Northern lights

    Northern lights

    Bud on leaf
  7. 7E81CEC3-318C-4A04-8A74-CB7BD953471A.jpeg


  8. 1D916A50-5EB7-4DED-B2D1-F5626804E970.jpeg


  9. 8975B622-4919-46E6-93BB-4D1F1FA1DDFA.jpeg


    A view of my Northern Lights.
  10. 20190816_003355.jpg


    Northern Lights drenched in Blurple
  11. 87A3EDDA-3A3E-4049-B9DA-DDB3B2E417F2.jpeg


  12. Northern Lights Week 7 Flower

    Northern Lights Week 7 Flower

    Some pics of my first scrog using some old school Northern Lights seeds. This one had a little ph problem.
  13. 20180323_120710.jpg


    Northern Lights Day 45 Flower
  14. Elvira - 14 days IMG_7020.JPG

    Elvira - 14 days IMG_7020.JPG

    Elvira Northern Lights Auto at 14 days
  15. IMG_0078.JPG


  16. GeneStarwind

    CKS Northern Lights day 49 - Pistils won't turn to buds

    Lighting- 4, 60 Watt Soft White, CFL Schedule-24/0, and started 20/4 last night Nutes- 2-7-7 Cactus Nutes Strain- CKS, Northern Light AutoFem Medium- Scotts Hydronex, 3 gallon pot Water every 3-4 days until pot feels light So I am on day 49 (week 6) from seed with this autoflower, and it...
  17. C

    Help! Seedling is dying or possibly dead

    whats wrong with my plant? :( Hi all! This is my second time growing, so we are still trying to establish a peocess that works for us. I am doing out door, organic growing. Right now, my seedlings are in plantable pots, and are inside on a window ledge. The seedlings are about 2ish weeks old...
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