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    Northern Lights Day 45 Flower
  2. Cannafeld

    Blooming/Buds With Little Or No Smell

    Hi all, Buds which should have been stinky has no smell or just lite smell, talking about more then one strain, ...O they r still growing/in soil. my thoughts - Due to very hot days almost 40 Deg C, almost a month now.. lockout of nutes even cross my thought - spider mites attack - which...
  3. S

    When will i see cloudy and amber trichomes?

    hi guys im on day 55 flowering Northern lights and Afgan kush - both 100% indica and on the box it says 45-55 days flowering. some of the buds looks absolutly ready... I can seem to get good and clear close up pics, but believe me they are filled with crystals and orange hairs. I also...
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