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northern lights #5

  1. GreeenFingers

    GreeenFingers - Mr Nice - NL5 x Afghan - DWC - SCROG

    Hey everybody :ciao: It has been a long time since I journalled my very first grow here of AK47, the link is in my signature for anybody who is interested, and I'm excited to be back. :) I've learned an awful lot since then this will be my 5th grow, I wanted to journal this grow because I...
  2. Lyzardman

    Hello fellow bud-dy's - Help me out with my first grow & my first grow journal!

    Just started my first grow 12 days ago. As you can see by my profile pic I work in the blown glass industry. I sandblast glass pieces like the one in my pic. Always wanted to grow and now I am trying. Check out my in progress grow journal. Any feed back would be appreciated.