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northern lights auto

  1. Jdeck

    First Grow In The Mitten

    Long time smoker, first time grower. Now that we’re legal, we’ll im trying my hand at the ol’ homegrown. I’m also on s mission to find the perfect strain for my son. We tried every thing the doctor order for his anxiety. All meds made him suicidal. He started smoking, and we have our son back...
  2. 484832D7-4556-4CC3-ABB9-BD09F4FC8B83.jpeg


    Northern lights auto before feeding tonight
  3. A4EF9D02-EC77-4F5C-913C-0B6E19AF6D91.jpeg


    My day three I think northern lights auto fem by Canuk seeds ladies and gentleman
  4. TheDarkMidge

    NL, Indoor, 4x4x80", Mars Hydro, DarkMidge

    This is my grow journal. Seedlings at about a week old right now.
  5. Pyr0

    Polyploid Northern Lights auto

    Hi everyone I think this is my first proper post related to growing, I've been mostly lurking and learning up until now. So back at the begining of February I popped some seeds as you do. White Widow, Blueberry and Northern Lights auto and thought the NL auto should be ready by the end of...
  6. IMG_9651.jpg


    Northern light auto week 6
  7. IMG_9642.jpg


    Blew Hiller NL Auto Week 6
  8. IMG_9641.jpg


    Blew Hiller NL Auto Week 6
  9. Mosspb

    Northern Lights Auto: Budget LED & First Grow

    Hello all, My name is Mosspb and this is my first grow. I read through a few other grow journals of first time growers and was shocked by the amount of support and advice they received. :420: has developed quite a community and I figured why not jump in with both feet. First off, being that...
  10. S

    SoInd420's Northern Lights Auto & Candy Cane Auto Indoor Grow

    4x4x6.5 tent 1000W Hollandstar LED 18/6 Kellogg's organic soil 3 Candy Cane Auto CKS 2 Northern Lights Auto CKS As of 9-27-17 they are on day 11. Germed the seeds as prescribed, all 5 popped. Potted on 9-14. 4 of 5 sprouted 9-16 with one sprouting 9-15. All 5 look healthy but...
  11. O

    CKS Northern Lights Auto Question - Pollen Sacs & Buds?

    Hey yall! Brand new member here :) I´ve tried reading a lot to learn as much as possible and make the right questions. I have a NL Auto from CropKings on Day 42 now. My baby is healthy, probably not like some others you see here formany reasons (my lack of experience, first grow, limited...
  12. K

    YYZ anyone

    I'm in east GTA, Pickering. Here's the current story in photos up to flower. What Strain is it? CropKingSeeds Northern Lights Auto Feminized Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis How Many Plants? Four Is it in...
  13. I

    Iceman's420 New pics! White walker kush,Skunk#1,Northern Lights. Harvest time.

    Hey everybody, Its been a while since my last post. i'm well into the flowering stage almost ready to harvest. These are some thumbnail pics,ill have some good full size pics soon. The White walker kush and Northern Lights Auto are going to take a couple more weeks but the skunk#1's are...
  14. I

    Iceman420's Journal - Roots Galore White Walker Kush Skunk#1Auto Looking Great Day 21

    Hey Subbers and Everybody else! Day 21 from seed and these girls are looking gorgeous, they are really starting to fill out. Excited to see them grow so fast, fun to watch but hard to keep up with the LST. Have a good week! Happy tokin! CHECK OUT THESE ROOTS!!!!!! This is 1 picture of each of...
  15. I

    Hello all new growers! Pics! My Skunk#1, White Walker Kush, Northern Lights Grow

    Hey Everybody, Here are those updated pics, took them today, April 1. The White Walker is responding very well to the LST(low stress training), and the skunk #1 is a little smaller but also looking great. The northern lights auto is also coming along, just started to really veg. More pics of the...
  16. Blew Hiller

    White Widow & Northern Light Auto in Majne

    Finally legalized in our state last week, so we are exercising our rights and growing in our passive solar greenhouse. Got the WW(F) and NLA from CropKing and plan to use natural light. We only start getting 10+ hour daylight beginning in April/May, so wondering if I should wait until...
  17. C

    First Ever Grow & Grow Journal - 600W HPS - Advice Welcome

    Thank you and Welcome, My first grow eva. Getting in to the 5th week of veg. day 28 I'm taking care of 3 girls, 2 autos and one fem. Got em from Royal Queen Seeds on dec.22.2016. Put them in a wet paper towel to germinate on the 23rd. They sprouted the nxt day after which ive put them...
  18. E

    Northern Lights Auto - Budget T5 & T8 Grow Box

    Hi all, first time grower, at least with this crop, experienced organic high-yield square-foot-gardener. This is a hobby project I've decided to undertake as a proof of concept and to fill my days during the winter. Some rules I've set for myself in this project : -as organic as physically...
  19. 1

    LED Grow BlackDiamond/Perfect Sun - Autopot - NL x Haze - Haze Auto - NL Auto - LST

    Hi and welcome to my first journal and first grow ever . I would like to said that I have been reading this forum inside out for the last past months before I started growing and you guys are awsome , I have learned a lot . Here is my setup 2.4x1.2x2m grow tent BlackDiamond Perfect Sun 1000...
  20. S

    My First Grow! Northern Lights Autoflower From CKS

    Hey all. This is my first grow! I'm really excited for this new challenge. I hope you come along for the ride. Comments and feedback would be so greatly appreciated! It's seems like its taken forever to gather all the necessities. But here's what I've done so far: Firstly, I purchased...
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